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  1. 5 Steps to sell your home quickly in a buyer market.

    almost 7 years ago by Carey Harris

    The nationwide real estate market can turn around pretty quickly these days, most cities are now in a "buyer's market" for home sales. That means there are more houses / condos / townhomes listed f...

  2. 47 Ways to Market Your Property

    almost 7 years ago by Dennis Henson

    In order to become a successful real estate investor there are certain skills that must be mastered. One of these skills is marketing. The follow list is a great way to insure your marketing progr...

  3. Five Ways to Close the Deal in a Tough Market

    over 6 years ago by Vicki Walker

    In a tough real estate market, when there are more homes for sale than buyers, sometimes the seller has to sweeten the pot to get the deal done. Here are five creative ideas to help close the deal.

  4. Generate Some Competition

    over 6 years ago by Lonnie Scruggs

    Here’s a little selling technique that I’ve found to be very effective. I've written about this in my books, but it doesn't hurt to refresh your memory.

  5. Simple Ways to Sell Your Properties

    over 6 years ago by Jamel Gibbs

    Real estate prices are coming down in today’s market. Homes are sitting on the market a lot longer than they were in the past few years. Property owners are not getting the same response from t...

  6. Pre-Sale Home Inspections Smooth Transactions

    almost 6 years ago by David Johnson

    In today's buyer-friendly real estate market, a seller needs every Advantage he or she can get. One way to improve the position of your home in this marketplace Is to hire a professional home inspe...

  7. Make The Most of Your MLS Pics!

    over 6 years ago by Tom Tarrant

    A picture is worth a thousand words. What about 10 pictures, 10,000 words? The San Antonio Board of Realtors only allows agents 512 characters to describe their listings but allows 16 pictures. Ne...

  8. Tips to Sell Your House in Today's Market

    about 6 years ago by Richard Woodfork

    Learn the secrets of selling your house in today's market. End the stress now.

  9. Increasing Your Property’s Value

    almost 6 years ago by Michael Monteiro

    No matter how big or small your budget is, there are always ways to increase the value of your investment property. Whether you’re looking to make updates for efficiency, improve aesthetics, or j...

  10. 6 Steps to Selling Houses in a Recession

    over 5 years ago by Terrence Wright

    Ok, so you have an investment property that would be perfect for your ideal customer. How do you go about selling it quickly when there are an abundance of bank owned, foreclosures, and short sales...

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