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Investing On The Side

By Ryan Ball, last updated 9 days ago.

The ongoing story of our experiences investing in real estate, out of state, while working full-time.


Lien Online Me

By Jerry K., last updated 15 days ago.

The blog title is a play on Bill Wither's song "Lean on Me". I invest in Tax Liens through online auctions. This blog explains why/how.


It's All In The Marketing.

By Perry Apawu, last updated 9 months ago.

This blog is about all things marketing especially for my fellow Real Estate Investors here at Bigger Pockets


Investing In Rural Rental Real Estate

By Kenneth Estes, last updated 10 months ago.

My musings on my experience investing in rural rental real estate.


Beginning Investor's Blog

By Jeffery Holmes-Rice, last updated over 1 year ago.

Following my progress as a newbie investor


My Journey Into Learning To Wholesale

By Colin Lubinski, last updated over 1 year ago.

Hello, My name is Colin and I recently decided to get involved in RE wholesaling. I've never written a blog before, but I'm going to give it a shot.


Land Trusts

By Randy H., last updated over 1 year ago.

Have you heard about using Land Trusts to hold title to your real estate investments? Having a hard time finding any accurate Land Trust information?


Newbie Investor Tips

By Wendhel Freeman, last updated about 2 years ago.

OK I'm coming clear on tips and strategies I've learned along the way...


Invest Invest Invest

By Jonathan Ratliff, last updated over 2 years ago.

A New Life Is Served..On A Platter & Its Silver, SMH What More DO YOU WANT?!


Whats Happening

By Teddy Kunz, last updated almost 3 years ago.

I will be posting random comments in here from whats going on i nmy process as a real estate investor to updates on the real estate market.


Top Chicago Real Estate News Blog

By Shannon Hughes, last updated almost 3 years ago.

Visit my blog for latest Chicago Real Estate News:


No Excuses Real Estate!

By Shawn Parsh, last updated over 3 years ago.

A place to network with other investors, solve problems, educate, and help each other reach our goals.


Wrecks To Riches

By Bryan Balk, last updated over 3 years ago.

How to find foreclosure - Piles of Cash Lightning Fast. Let's be real, that's what we all want.


Hard Money Lender Needed

By John Ola, last updated over 4 years ago.

Can anyone recommend a hard money lender in Indiana and Illinois



By Konrad Young, last updated almost 5 years ago.

Fixing your credit and getting a better interest rate.


Sallie Mac

By Joyce McGhee, last updated almost 5 years ago.

Rehab help and "watch outs"


Self Directed Ira/Roll Over

By Scott Hadfield, last updated over 5 years ago.

Where can you invest a retirement account with returns of 12%?