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Forums » Landlord & Rental Property Questions » Best website & Book

Best website & Book

12 posts by 10 users


· Fayetteville, North Carolina

Wondering what is the best website for learning everything about the rental business. A book recommendation would be nice as well.

Looking for something like but for renting and not rehabbing.

BiggerPockets Founder · Denver, Colorado

Have you explored the site called

We have thousands of discussions on the rental business, hundreds of articles between our Articles directory, member blogs, and BiggerPockets Blog.

Dig around a little . . . good luck!

Small_bp-squareJoshua Dorkin, BiggerPockets
E-Mail: [email protected]
Telephone: 877-831-4704
Check us out on Twitter: @BiggerPockets

· Fayetteville, North Carolina

Looking for something like but for renting and not rehabbing.

More organized and less time consuming that searching through a bunch of articles & forum posts.

But yes im sure BiggerPockets has a wealth of info as well. I will check that out as well.


Residential Real Estate Agent · Boise, Idaho

I've never found a more comprehensive website for learning the land lording and buy and hold investing business than BP. It is invaluable. If you are serious about learning, the 2013 BP Summit is a must as well. I am so thankful for this resource!

Jonna Weber,
E-Mail: [email protected]
Telephone: 208-608-4884
Jonna Weber Real Estate Professional Silvercreek Realty Group 208-608-4884

Real Estate Investor · Glendora, California

I would say BP has a TON of great info on the logistics of landlording.

However, if you want a few book recommendations:

* buy a books specific to your state's housing regulations
*If you haven't already pick up all of Frank Gallinelli's books
*Buy Gary Eldred's book "real estate investing"
* I would also spend a little time on Amazon and just follow the rabbit hole.

I would encourage you to spend a $100-130 on used books. Read them all find out the common themes and write down your specific questions. Then ask those questions is a forum post. At some point you may consider obtaining a coach or mentor, but for now, spending time on BP, reading used books, going to your local REIA and taking a few investors out to lunch should get you started.

I hope that helps!


E-Mail: [email protected]
Telephone: 626.755.9134
The Buy and Hold Guys: what RE investing looks like, when holding a day job!

Real Estate Investor · Audubon, Pennsylvania

No need to spend money on books if you get a library card! Those public libraries are free for your use, and you can borrow books that seem to be related to what you wish to learn. If the books you borrow aren't adequate, you didn't waste money on killing more trees.

Steve Babiak, Redeeming Properties, LLC
Telephone: 6109082183

Real Estate Investor · Northern, California

I don't know why, but this post was so funny to me. It's kinda like walking into a Starbucks and asking "Can you direct me to where I can get some coffee?"

· Fayetteville, North Carolina


Real Estate Investor · Ellicott City, Maryland

First, I'm not going to disagree that is an awesome site, but remember that that site is just one random guy...on the other hand, BiggerPockets has the experience of thousands of landlords, both successful and unsuccessful, so you can learn from both successes and mistakes.

Trust me, start reading through the forums here and you won't be disappointed...

Small_lishproplogoJ Scott, Lish Properties, LLC
E-Mail: [email protected]
Telephone: 770-906-6358

Real Estate Investor · Texas

Originally posted by Noah Melvin:
Looking for something like but for renting and not rehabbing.

More organized and less time consuming that searching through a bunch of articles & forum posts.

But yes im sure BiggerPockets has a wealth of info as well. I will check that out as well.


The time consuming part just may keep you out of trouble. You have so many different points of view here about how to handle rentals. It's not black and white. What works great in my market may not work in another market.

I agree, this forum has the knowledge you need. Might also check out the member blogs. Wealth of information.

Good luck.

Real Estate Investor · Ohio

Hi Noah,
like others have said, biggerpockets has tons of information that can direct you in the right direct of becoming a great landlord. I use the the tenant screening tools for screen my tenants as well.

· Michigan

As per the topic of Landlording (running your rentals) I'd suggest Landlording by Leigh Robinson. In terms of acquiring properties there is no trick, find properties that cash flow properly and buy them.

After all, life is 80% psychology and 20% mechanics...

(no matter how much you read you'll never "feel ready")

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