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Forum topics below include discussions for landlords and potential rental property owners, including those on finding and dealing with tenants, property managers, management companies, and other issues affiliated with residential income properties.

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Discussion Replies Last Post
Interesting article on the changes to Cincinnati Section 8
Started by Tim G.
0 Tiny_1399763312-avatar-tim_g Last post by Tim G.
4 minutes ago
2% rule
Started by Charles Cline
58 Tiny_1420424155-avatar-davidh17 Last post by David Hoang
19 minutes ago
Rent is current. Tenant wants to renew. I won't. Am I nuts?
Started by Jeff Rabinowitz
35 Tiny_1399729280-avatar-monarda Last post by Tanya F.
about 1 hour ago
Rent payment
Started by Brian Spink
4 No_avatar_tiny Last post by Brian Spink
about 1 hour ago
How do you "harden" your rentals?
Started by Chuck B.
158 Tiny_1403313351-avatar-nattydread Last post by Roy N.
about 1 hour ago
If I was to take out an FHA loan and have my tenants pay rent to an LLC which I created. What would happen if they sued me?
Started by Crystal Perez
6 Tiny_1399699980-avatar-euroswiss Last post by Andrew S.
about 2 hours ago
Holding a Property with a Deposit?
Started by Brett Barber
5 Tiny_1415682512-avatar-ecolegrove Last post by Elizabeth Colegrove
about 5 hours ago
"House hacking" turned bad
Started by Mike D.
7 Tiny_1421774684-avatar-ario Last post by Ariel Ozick
about 7 hours ago
Problems with Airbnb Subletting
Started by James Davis
11 Tiny_1421774684-avatar-ario Last post by Ariel Ozick
about 9 hours ago
Landlord insurance
Started by B Choi
2 No_avatar_tiny Last post by B Choi
about 13 hours ago
Oil Prices Dropping!!!!!
Started by Steve Rozenberg
17 Tiny_1399535715-avatar-locutus9 Last post by Kerry Baird
about 15 hours ago
Houses in Flood Zones
Started by Matthew Rembish
9 Tiny_1414525529-avatar-fheller Last post by Fred Heller
about 15 hours ago
House not renting
Started by Steve Might
15 Tiny_1419838119-avatar-josip Last post by Josip Galic
about 17 hours ago
Potential Tenant Question
Started by Leah Raney
9 Tiny_1417645832-avatar-heathert Last post by Heather Turner
about 17 hours ago
New potential landlord questions
5 Tiny_1413206913-avatar-bryan_neal Last post by Bryan Neal
about 18 hours ago
In NH do fire alarms need to be interconnected between Apts?
Started by Joseph Theriault
5 Tiny_1399348055-avatar-annbellamy Last post by Ann Bellamy
about 20 hours ago

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