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Forum topics below include discussions for landlords and potential rental property owners, including those on finding and dealing with tenants, property managers, management companies, and other issues affiliated with residential income properties.

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Should I sell or rent my townhouse?
Started by Jared F.
5 Tiny 1413206913 avatar bryan neal Last post by Bryan N.
20 minutes ago
Atlanta Market
Started by Jessy Milner
31 Tiny 1430896002 avatar roderickd Last post by Roderick Davidson
26 minutes ago
Would you rent to this couple?
Started by Rhondalette W.
17 Tiny 1426911195 avatar rhondalette Last post by Rhondalette W.
about 3 hours ago
Seattle's RRIO - First Inspection!
Started by Melissa Melia
5 Tiny 1410838523 avatar mypath2rewealth Last post by Troy Fisher
about 3 hours ago
When to replace A/C & Furnace?
Started by Arpan Chokshi
6 Tiny 1399348737 avatar stevebabiak Last post by Steve Babiak
about 4 hours ago
Annual Property Tax Increases on Rental Properties
Started by Ryan Young
1 Tiny 1432255637 avatar brentp4 Last post by Brent Paul
about 4 hours ago
After Almost 10 Years as a Landlord...
Started by Ursula B.
18 Tiny 1430420481 avatar brandonuehlein Last post by Brandon Uehlein
about 5 hours ago
Potential Tenant Refusing Application Process
Started by Mark Werner
62 Tiny 1425240227 avatar tapoli Last post by Sergio Garcia
about 5 hours ago
Tenant already in place and moving out a week after closing, security deposit
Started by Todd Michaels
7 Tiny 1427733856 avatar seniorsurfer Last post by Guy Gimenez
about 5 hours ago
Tenant not responding to 30 day notice to vacate
Started by Kathlyn Lewis
1 Tiny 1404572548 avatar ubritt Last post by Ursula B.
about 6 hours ago
Best Rental Areas in DFW
Started by Morris Lucas
8 Tiny 1419281957 avatar byronl Last post by Morris Lucas
about 6 hours ago
Best place to buy Vinyl Plank Flooring in Northern Atlanta?
Started by Mark Graziano
16 Tiny 1418823674 avatar anna in atl Last post by Anna Watkins
about 6 hours ago
How do you know if your SFH is Class A, B, or C?
Started by Josh L.
5 Tiny 1429639956 avatar salazarinvstmts Last post by Sandy Salazar
about 6 hours ago
Install gas line and new gas stove???
Started by Sally Oase
10 Tiny 1422331938 avatar justinescajeda Last post by Justin Escajeda
about 7 hours ago
My 1st month experience with out of state turnkey property... WTF
Started by Brandon Low
29 Tiny 1427055359 avatar suek Last post by Sue Kelly
about 7 hours ago

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