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Forum for discussing innovative property strategies, including put/call options, wraps, and other creative techniques.

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Outsourcing Market Analysis and Other Jobs
Started by Ryan Ouderkirk
2 Tiny 1434680118 avatar tellesio Last post by Christopher Telles
19 minutes ago
GET RICH! (or die trying?!) SHORT TERM FURNISHED RENTALS - A discussion
Started by J. Martin
81 Tiny 1399589826 avatar danielwc Last post by Daniel Chu
about 10 hours ago
Building a 5 unit building in my back yard
Started by Michael Rigoni
0 Tiny 1430227489 avatar michaelr5 Last post by Michael Rigoni
about 14 hours ago
Converting NYC Apartment Building to Condos - can it be done?
Started by Maura Paler
4 Tiny 1409881017 avatar maura Last post by Maura Paler
about 17 hours ago
Self Storage Idea
Started by Engelo Rumora
23 Tiny 1420297893 avatar engelorumora Last post by Engelo Rumora
2 days ago
Seller-Financing Hybrid Strategies
Started by Justin Louie
5 Tiny 1433973366 avatar financexaminer Last post by Bill Gulley
2 days ago
looking for properties that are NOT on MLS Listings
Started by Babe Savage
9 Tiny 1404019597 avatar delon hall Last post by Delon Hall
2 days ago
New Roof on Mobile
Started by Gregory Lomelin
0 Tiny 1430029875 avatar gregoryl2 Last post by Gregory Lomelin
2 days ago
$300K house for sale in the Heights, Houston for $150 and....
Started by Mack McPhatter
3 Tiny 1418573589 avatar timbsg Last post by Tim Shin
5 days ago
NYC~~~~> NC ~~~> NYC
Started by Mistee C.
3 Tiny 1434899320 avatar mistee Last post by Mistee C.
5 days ago
What's the MOST Creative Real Estate Strategy/Niche You've ever heard of?
Started by Jj W.
5 Tiny 1432145720 avatar tyronej Last post by Tyrone Jackson
6 days ago
using usda loan for investing
Started by Josh Fincher
8 Tiny 1435803989 avatar rocketraj Last post by Raju Pothuraju
6 days ago
Frat House/Private Dorm/Boarding House
Started by David Shapiro
20 Tiny 1403313351 avatar nattydread Last post by Roy N.
6 days ago
Structuring a JV deal - James Wise podcast
Started by Arnauld Nakaha
4 Tiny 1428326774 avatar arnauld Last post by Arnauld Nakaha
6 days ago
Weekly Rentals- Rooming Houses
Started by Daniel Gibson
2 Tiny 1433113581 avatar dan04gib Last post by Daniel Gibson
7 days ago
Interest Rates and the affect on the Rental Market - What is your take on it?
Started by Marty Telschow
1 Tiny 1399548203 avatar cbere Last post by Craig E.
7 days ago
Build a rental, I'm a sub 30k guy
Started by Kyle Penland
4 No avatar tiny Last post by Brent Coombs
7 days ago
Hit A Wall
Started by Andrew Martel
2 Tiny 1399721064 avatar jasonmaestas73 Last post by Jason Maestas
7 days ago
My Retirement Plan: Musical Chairs (Houses)
Started by Dale Jackson
5 No avatar tiny Last post by Dale Jackson
7 days ago
Cash-intensive house flip
Started by Michael D.
13 No avatar tiny Last post by Michael D.
8 days ago

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