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Forum for discussing innovative property strategies, including put/call options, wraps, and other creative techniques.

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How can I make a "LIVING" in Real Estate-NOW?
Started by Ronnie C.
3 Tiny_1427055359-avatar-suek Last post by Sue Kelly
44 minutes ago
How to Build a Million Dollar Real Estate Portfolio in 10 Easy Steps
Started by Jon Strishak
0 Tiny_1412204573-avatar-alegriacm Last post by Jon Strishak
about 6 hours ago
Creative Real Estate Entrepreneurs
Started by Jon Strishak
0 Tiny_1412204573-avatar-alegriacm Last post by Jon Strishak
about 6 hours ago
Church w/ unused parsonage in Bath, MI. May need creative solution.
Started by Matt Gehrls
9 Tiny_1412299915-avatar-mattgehrls Last post by Matt Gehrls
about 9 hours ago
Started by Casey Fisher
2 Tiny_1426269806-avatar-michaelg30 Last post by Michael Glunk
about 9 hours ago
Is this legal?
Started by Tom Kelly
6 Tiny_1423899005-avatar-mysolo401k Last post by Mark Nolan
1 day ago
Charitable Remainder Trusts - tax strategy opportunity
Started by Olivia C.
1 Tiny_1399788515-avatar-lewpayne Last post by Lew Payne
1 day ago
Creative Offer
Started by Bret Burton
1 Tiny_1421870167-avatar-devanm Last post by Devan Mcclish
2 days ago
Infinite Banking Concept, Cash Flow Banking, or Bank on Yourself
Started by Wai Fung
42 No_avatar_tiny Last post by Eric Narciso
2 days ago
If you had 180k how would you invest it
Started by Daniel Levine
31 Tiny_1419938027-avatar-darryls Last post by Darryl S.
3 days ago
Experienced investor: What’s your motive to ACT?
Started by Brian G.
0 Tiny_1429824808-avatar-briannick Last post by Brian G.
4 days ago
Refi out of owner financing?
Started by Michael LaBrot
11 Tiny_1428374817-avatar-labrot Last post by Michael LaBrot
4 days ago
Commercial/ Residential Property PA
Started by Martin Dillon
1 Tiny_1429732353-avatar-mjgrealtor Last post by Mark Gallagher
5 days ago
Would You Consider a $5,000 Prehab???
Started by Kenyon Nash
1 Tiny_1399784435-avatar-lkohl Last post by Lisa Kohl
5 days ago
Any Vacation Rental Owners (with Multiple Units) Out There?
Started by Brandon Turner
30 Tiny_1399691422-avatar-lindsaydiven Last post by Lindsay Diven
6 days ago
Sub 2 Deal - Crazy Californians and Their No Cash Flow Deals
Started by Tim G.
6 Tiny_1405467347-avatar-mattrosas Last post by Matt R.
6 days ago
Selling shares of property possible?
Started by Paul Garcia
0 No_avatar_tiny Last post by Paul Garcia
6 days ago
August Locks for smart phones
Started by Chris G.
2 Tiny_1420219456-avatar-adrianchu Last post by Adrian Chu
7 days ago
Section 8 and other Government Rental Strategies
Started by Martin Sterling
4 Tiny_1402847119-avatar-fischem Last post by Michele Fischer
7 days ago
Subject To HELP !
Started by Anthony Perez
5 Tiny_1427392378-avatar-bpoelman Last post by Blair Poelman
10 days ago

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