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Forum for discussing innovative property strategies, including put/call options, wraps, and other creative techniques.

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Creative Financing?
Started by Steve S.
3 Tiny_1400602089-avatar-reiskills Last post by Brian Gibbons
1 day ago
Challenge ! - 200k in 24 hours. Follow my challenge for fun
Started by Westin Hudnall
3 Tiny_1415034655-avatar-liquidators Last post by Pavel Sakurets
1 day ago
2nd NPN risk mitigation attorney response
Started by Tiger M.
2 Tiny_1399659196-avatar-tradewindtiger Last post by Tiger M.
1 day ago
Flipping Land
Started by Stephen Dominick
11 Tiny_1417623447-avatar-sdominick Last post by Stephen Dominick
3 days ago
Find Them before MLS
Started by Robert Laird
1 Tiny_1399792503-avatar-sunfin Last post by Dave Metsker
3 days ago
Probate investing in New York City
Started by Desmond Haylett
3 Tiny_1399780968-avatar-desmondhaylett Last post by Desmond Haylett
3 days ago
How can i get my first rental property with no cash or credit
Started by Anthony Kondor
7 Tiny_1414544230-avatar-affinitygroup Last post by David T.
3 days ago promises instant offers and a 3 day close
Started by Sam Craven
4 Tiny_1399611324-avatar-rentalinvestor Last post by Ben Bakhshi
3 days ago
Probate look up in Massachusetts
Started by Brian Ortins
12 Tiny_1399864142-avatar-dawit Last post by Dawit Araia
4 days ago
How to structure a deal for a 6 family using seller financing
Started by Tony Vijayan
2 Tiny_1412212643-avatar-bmann Last post by Brandon M.
5 days ago
Now Occuring: Greatest Wealth Migration in Over 50 Years
Started by Jon Strishak
2 Tiny_1402156870-avatar-sf_investor Last post by Amit M.
5 days ago
Life Estate
Started by Jeremy Tillotson
0 Tiny_1418443056-avatar-fortwayneinvest Last post by Jeremy Tillotson
5 days ago
Do you think giving my Porsche away is an Innovative Strategy?
Started by Chris Randall
38 Tiny_1412209793-avatar-brighterdays Last post by Karen Margrave
7 days ago
Search for penthouse/attic apartment
Started by John Libbert
0 Tiny_1415391080-avatar-libbert Last post by John Libbert
7 days ago
Anyone out there specializing in under 30k properties?
Started by Douglas B.
286 Tiny_1399528747-avatar-wholesales4u Last post by Jared Kemper
7 days ago
Owner of vacant property lives in same city
Started by Cornelius Charles
2 Tiny_1399778960-avatar-cwcharle Last post by Cornelius Charles
8 days ago
Landlording Strategy: Student Housing
Started by Alexander Merritt
11 Tiny_1412463292-avatar-qbguy02 Last post by Alexander Merritt
8 days ago
creative investing?
Started by Derek LeBlanc
6 Tiny_1399592360-avatar-seniorsurfer Last post by Guy Gimenez
8 days ago
Property Evaluation
Started by Kaz Phillips
3 No_avatar_tiny Last post by Leigh C
9 days ago
Finding Vacant Properties
Started by Greg Carr
24 No_avatar_tiny Last post by Laura Turner
11 days ago

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