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Forum for discussing innovative property strategies, including put/call options, wraps, and other creative techniques.

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Line of Credit on something you have under contract.
Started by Steven Johnson
3 Tiny 1399659626 avatar retipster Last post by Seth Williams
about 12 hours ago
Seller Financing
Started by Josh V.
16 Tiny 1426955783 avatar cpp Last post by Andy H.
about 12 hours ago
Should i add 2-4 bedrooms before appraisal for Heloc
Started by Jeremiah F.
0 Tiny 1432667510 avatar jfproductions Last post by Jeremiah F.
about 14 hours ago
Stuck in a flip
Started by Robert Norvell
54 Tiny 1411653649 avatar mcamp Last post by Michael Campbell
about 15 hours ago
Purchasing subject to...
Started by Brad Srutowski
0 Tiny 1431628525 avatar bsrutowski Last post by Brad Srutowski
about 18 hours ago
Is this a Sub 2 or Lease Option Deal????
Started by Patricia Mclean
3 Tiny 1429919942 avatar klahselade Last post by Patricia Mclean
2 days ago
SUB30kCLUB: why invest in sub30k properties in the first place?
Started by Douglas B.
32 Tiny 1399363257 avatar ray06492 Last post by Raymond B.
2 days ago
Frat House/Private Dorm/Boarding House
Started by David Shapiro
16 Tiny 1415916985 avatar musicantz Last post by Anant Lal
4 days ago
Direct mail to probate properties
Started by Ben Halloran
5 Tiny 1417612170 avatar gerryr Last post by Gerry Rae
4 days ago
Can you do this?
Started by Joshus Light
9 Tiny 1411158686 avatar 7differentways Last post by Steve Vaughan
4 days ago
Self Storage Idea
Started by Engelo Rumora
17 Tiny 1420297893 avatar engelorumora Last post by Engelo Rumora
5 days ago
My dream home
Started by David McBrayer
1 Tiny 1429975595 avatar mindyjensen Last post by Mindy Jensen
5 days ago
Mortgage Field Services
Started by Girard Newkirk
1 Tiny 1429975595 avatar mindyjensen Last post by Mindy Jensen
5 days ago
Help on 1st Post Card for (wholesale) mailing campaign
Started by Jose Tamayo Jr
7 Tiny 1405093200 avatar agratt Last post by Adam Gratt
7 days ago
Dishwasher ROI
Started by Mike Roy
11 Tiny 1421179163 avatar donaldm2 Last post by Donald Morrison
7 days ago
feedback needed - HELOC strategy
Started by Teo Willis
7 No avatar tiny Last post by NA NA
7 days ago
Rehabbing land INSTEAD of houses??
Started by John Marchefka
12 No avatar tiny Last post by Account Closed
8 days ago
Glass Ring Stain (fake) on Yellow Letter (Genius?)
Started by Cal C.
5 Tiny 1421848914 avatar cal c Last post by Cal C.
8 days ago
If you were me, what would you do?
Started by John Smith
2 Tiny 1399788515 avatar lewpayne Last post by Lew Payne
8 days ago
Has anyone ever heard of this?
Started by Linda Williams-Jasper
5 Tiny 1399727335 avatar bills r Last post by Bill S.
8 days ago

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