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Forum for discussing innovative property strategies, including put/call options, wraps, and other creative techniques.

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Direct mail/buyer letters
Started by Brian Klingbail
1 Tiny 1438192518 avatar gregflynn Last post by Greg F.
31 minutes ago
Motel to Storage Units?
Started by Tia Rubadeau
2 Tiny 1438609729 avatar bradfordmyatt Last post by Bradford Myatt
about 3 hours ago
Mixed use office w/ large shop bays.
Started by Brad Griffith
2 No avatar tiny Last post by Brad Griffith
about 4 hours ago
Buy sheds from Costco/Home Depot/etc and rent them out?
Started by Adrian Chu
12 Tiny 1399649211 avatar storageguy Last post by Scott Meyers
about 5 hours ago
Anyone out there specializing in under 30k properties?
Started by Douglas B.
330 Tiny 1423182332 avatar npduncan Last post by Nathan Duncan
about 5 hours ago
Have Potential Innovative Business Idea But Need A Partner With Capital
Started by Patrick Sullivan
1 Tiny 1399651299 avatar plusequitycg Last post by Hai Loc
about 15 hours ago
Sub$30k - Property pictures
Started by Sharad M.
218 Tiny 1399650502 avatar username2 Last post by Lisa Phillips
3 days ago
Turning Crap Into Cash
Started by Josh Caldwell
14 No avatar tiny Last post by Katie Rogers
4 days ago
Building a 5 unit building in my back yard
Started by Michael Rigoni
5 Tiny 1399723479 avatar ehamill Last post by Edward Hamill
5 days ago
Implementing What Your Mentor Says WORKS
Started by James Trautz
2 Tiny 1415483511 avatar jimtrautz Last post by James Trautz
6 days ago
Possible Subject-To????
Started by Shawn Connors
2 Tiny 1435605947 avatar christopherb8 Last post by Christopher Brainard
6 days ago
The Art of owner Financing and Private Money Terms
Started by Mitch Stephen
11 Tiny 1408040196 avatar rickamos Last post by Rick Amos
6 days ago
USDA primary then after a year purchase duplex FHA
Started by Joe Fornasiero
0 Tiny 1406861205 avatar fornasij Last post by Joe Fornasiero
6 days ago
Sub2 and L/O
Started by Ashley Guzman
2 Tiny 1399745548 avatar csoignier Last post by Chris S.
7 days ago
So I Assigned A Sub 2... Now The Buyer Has Messed Up!!!
Started by Account Closed
48 Tiny 1432519743 avatar gilbertd Last post by Gilbert Dominguez
7 days ago
If you could start over
Started by Jacob Casarez
3 Tiny 1435106797 avatar jacobc4 Last post by Jacob Casarez
7 days ago
Halfway House/Residential Treatment Facility Investment
Started by Reid Levy
31 No avatar tiny Last post by Chris Stone
10 days ago
7702 Plan for Investing
Started by Jason King
10 Tiny 1423759956 avatar jamieb4 Last post by Jamie Bush
10 days ago
Data Sources
Started by Bobby Thompson
2 Tiny 1433373188 avatar bobbyt2 Last post by Bobby Thompson
11 days ago
'Subject To' / 'Land Contract' Landmine to consider!!
Started by Kurt K.
8 Tiny 1433973366 avatar financexaminer Last post by Bill Gulley
12 days ago

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