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Forum for discussing innovative property strategies, including put/call options, wraps, and other creative techniques.

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5.5 Tips for Getting Great AirB&B Reviews. And getting guests to write them!! Your tips?
Started by J Martin
9 Tiny_1408654689-avatar-mel_selvidge Mel Selvidge
about 8 hours ago
Have any of you tried setting up a for pay hotspot/ WISP to make some money from providing WIFI?
Started by Vik Desai
7 Tiny_1399586579-avatar-alewilliamson Al Williamson
about 24 hours ago
Property Evaluation
Started by Kaz Phillips
1 No_avatar_tiny Leigh C
3 days ago
Please Assist me in Understanding a "Cash-Out" Re-Fi...?
Started by Brandon Sturgill
16 Tiny_1399688510-avatar-brandonscott79 Brandon Sturgill
4 days ago
Burn Houses
Started by Yale Hamrick
3 Tiny_1399439289-avatar-jeff1 Jeff S.
4 days ago
Do I inform the bank of seller carry back?
Started by Steven Johnson
15 Tiny_1399654114-avatar-jdwlaw Jerry W.
5 days ago
Need advise on first deal! I think its a homerun!!! Subject To advise needed
Started by Bill Bodziak
1 Tiny_1399668645-avatar-charmed_wi Dawn Anastasi
6 days ago
Arv 600k under contract for 400k needs no repairs
Started by Quentin S.
7 Tiny_1398857206-avatar-jasonscott J Scott
6 days ago
Purchaseing a property deed in lieu of
Started by Logan Zanki
1 No_avatar_tiny Wayne Brooks
6 days ago
House hacking with Airbnb? Good Idea?
Started by Jeremy Kleier
2 Tiny_1399693653-avatar-kleier Jeremy Kleier
7 days ago
Anybody use to manage their short term rentals?
Started by Brandon Turner
19 Tiny_1405714616-avatar-ianmchenry Ian McHenry
7 days ago
Are you a "Cash or Terms" Offer RE Investor? Working with Agents..
Started by Brian Gibbons
2 Tiny_1399396164-avatar-financexaminer Bill G.
8 days ago
General business insurance needed for Seller Financing Mobile Homes?
Started by Clint Barrett
4 No_avatar_tiny Clint Barrett
9 days ago
Anyone out there specializing in under 30k properties?
Started by Douglas B.
270 Tiny_1399739290-avatar-nicklee1 Nick Lee
10 days ago
How to Make Money Renting Out a Garage
Started by Matt Rosas
13 Tiny_1411341099-avatar-averillr Ron Averill
11 days ago
Trading a Remodeled Condo for another plus cash???
Started by Matt M.
1 Tiny_1399502134-avatar-easal Tom Spaeth
13 days ago
Sellers are calling, now what?
Started by Craig Shute
2 Tiny_1411102009-avatar-hdizmond Hattie Dizmond
13 days ago
How to qualify my wife as a RE professional for tax reasons?
Started by Taylor Green
7 Tiny_1405612710-avatar-gita_faust Gita Faust
14 days ago
Tiny home development
Started by Danny Day
37 Tiny_1399664178-avatar-imade12million David Krulac
15 days ago
Capital gains tax
Started by Eric Doud
9 Tiny_1399763842-avatar-cal_c Cal C.
16 days ago

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