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Innovative Strategies

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Forum for discussing innovative property strategies, including put/call options, wraps, and other creative techniques.

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Hottest Rental Markets to Invest In?
Started by Ian Greensides
11 Tiny 1425369701 avatar davonl Last post by Davon Lowery
about 1 hour ago
Deceased, no heir.
Started by Diane Johnson
4 No avatar tiny Last post by Jim Shepard
about 4 hours ago
Looking to connect in SWFL
Started by Adam Bartomeo
1 Tiny 1439980850 avatar justins29 Last post by Justin Schulte
2 days ago
Anyone out there specializing in under 30k properties?
Started by Douglas B.
345 Tiny 1440527798 avatar karenm17 Last post by Karen Musselman
2 days ago
"Cold Calling" off market properties
Started by Joshua Jackson
1 Tiny 1399768004 avatar rios9000 Last post by Andrew Syrios
2 days ago
Equity trade for a camper trailer
0 Tiny 1440789912 avatar parishb Last post by PARISH BENOIT
2 days ago
Subject-to/Seller Finance
Started by Gomez Martin
0 No avatar tiny Last post by Gomez Martin
4 days ago
Question on Lease Options
Started by Marc Glass
2 Tiny 1440967222 avatar marcg4 Last post by Marc Glass
4 days ago
Phone System for VA in The Philippines
Started by Gregory Hodges
1 Tiny 1399720204 avatar davevisaya Last post by Dave Visaya
5 days ago
Subject To: Flip Deal
Started by Jonathan Makovsky
8 Tiny 1399738764 avatar jonathanscott Last post by Jonathan Makovsky
5 days ago
Overcoming the hump to Grow my REI business - feedback?
Started by Shane H.
3 Tiny 1437135770 avatar shaneh9 Last post by Shane H.
5 days ago
Changing a SFH zoned for Multi into a Duplex
Started by Daniel Okon
3 Tiny 1437371114 avatar danielo7 Last post by Daniel Okon
5 days ago
BRRRR Calculator/Analyzer
Started by Brian Larson
20 Tiny 1415747891 avatar peeklay Last post by Brian Larson
7 days ago
Feedback needed about getting investors
Started by Kyle Penland
3 Tiny 1427175915 avatar jonathant7 Last post by Jonathan Towell
7 days ago
If I gave you $20,000...
Started by Amy Fowler
8 Tiny 1414440781 avatar kmarie Last post by K. marie P.
7 days ago
Creating business (LLC) credit & renting from yourself
Started by Jay J.
7 Tiny 1424876962 avatar kevinj6 Last post by Kevin Jennings
8 days ago
Best way to see an out of state property
Started by Devin E.
6 Tiny 1412485424 avatar yoseph1980 Last post by Joey Noel
8 days ago
Rent 2 Rent
Started by C Meddy
2 Tiny 1399698864 avatar fritzbucyrus Last post by James Wise
9 days ago
I have a Prospect List! To Automate or Get Writer's cramp...
Started by Austin Hughes
0 Tiny 1431449880 avatar austinh4 Last post by Austin Hughes
9 days ago
Direct mail/buyer letters
Started by Brian Klingbail
11 Tiny 1427599108 avatar briank1 Last post by Brian Klingbail
9 days ago

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