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There are other ways to finance a property than the standard mortgage. Using creative techniques to buy, sell, finance and invest in real estate is a great path for those with the knowledge to do so.

Learn more about creative techniques from:
The Book on Investing in Real Estate with No (and Low) Money Down

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Business Line of Credit Recommendations
Started by Wenecio Godfrey
1 No avatar tiny Last post by Roland Jefferson
about 3 hours ago
Newbie Loan Question
Started by Kevin Izquierdo
7 Tiny 1438533365 avatar futuremillions Last post by Tricia Mowatt
about 6 hours ago
Creative refinance possibility
Started by Ali Hall
10 Tiny 1415332764 avatar reladydeb Last post by Debra Leeson
about 7 hours ago
Seller Financing and DFA Changes
Started by Joshua White
1 Tiny 1433524559 avatar bobby h Last post by Robert Hidrogo
about 8 hours ago
Started by Jennifer S.
20 Tiny 1436283462 avatar jayhawthorne Last post by Jennifer S.
1 day ago
$50,000 in cash...What to do?
Started by Clary Roberts
17 Tiny 1438360036 avatar camaman Last post by Carl Fischer
1 day ago
Any tax benefit for seller to carry seller financing?
Started by Sophia Wang
5 Tiny 1399609276 avatar swnovice Last post by Sophia Wang
1 day ago
FHA loan assumption and FHA 203k
Started by Robert Sikes
1 No avatar tiny Last post by Wayne Brooks
2 days ago
Partnership with an LLC
Started by Andrew Martel
7 Tiny 1411158686 avatar 7differentways Last post by Steve Vaughan
2 days ago
Investor-friendly title company in Minnesota
Started by Matthew Berry
5 Tiny 1417476137 avatar marionl Last post by Marion Lee
2 days ago
As a realtor can I pay my personal mortgage from my llc?
Started by Caitlin Dykema
7 Tiny 1399610733 avatar mellucido Last post by Melodee Lucido
2 days ago
Outsmart PMI
Started by Jared Chipkin
7 Tiny 1414940824 avatar l3rner Last post by Bryan Otteson
2 days ago
Creative Financing For a Duplex Purchase
Started by Kelly S.
2 Tiny 1399419536 avatar tdspropertiesvt Last post by Tom S.
3 days ago
7% Return / 24 month CD
Started by DJ Carroll
4 Tiny 1436627460 avatar djc1 Last post by DJ Carroll
3 days ago
hard money lender
Started by Brooks Armstrong
1 Tiny 1438349893 avatar joleary23 Last post by John O'Leary
3 days ago
What now?
Started by Erin Tarantino
8 Tiny 1434448792 avatar hardmoneyman123 Last post by Ken Vesely
3 days ago
What are my creative financing options?
Started by David Grimm
5 Tiny 1438209026 avatar davidg40 Last post by David Grimm
4 days ago
Seller Financing and Taxes
Started by Lizina Green
4 Tiny 1437149429 avatar joshuaw12 Last post by Joshua White
4 days ago
Started by Alex Nunez
2 No avatar tiny Last post by Alex Nunez
4 days ago

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