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There are other ways to finance a property than the standard mortgage. Using creative techniques to buy, sell, finance and invest in real estate is a great path for those with the knowledge to do so.

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Discussion Replies Last Post
Fannie Mae / FHA
Started by Kelvin Schaeffer
4 Tiny_1402292236-avatar-sweeks Last post by Shaun Weeks
about 2 hours ago
Investing when the numbers are tight....
Started by Keith Nugent
6 Tiny_1399775055-avatar-rokitnerd Last post by Keith Nugent
about 5 hours ago
Is this an Opportunity? Any advice?
Started by Don Coumbs
1 Tiny_1399657697-avatar-mikesumsky Last post by Mike Sumsky
1 day ago
Tax and insurance escrow for seller financing?
Started by Shera Gregory
5 No_avatar_tiny Last post by James Sigsbee
1 day ago
Have any of you used homestyle loans before?
Started by Nathan Paisley
6 Tiny_1401980976-avatar-33zenlane Last post by Micki McNie
3 days ago
what to do with 100K after cash out refinance??????
Started by Long Khang
32 Tiny_1422041035-avatar-tomv5 Last post by Tom Vichi
3 days ago
Private Passive Real Estate Investment Funds/Promissory Notes
Started by Brandi N.
4 Tiny_1399396164-avatar-financexaminer Last post by Bill G.
3 days ago
4plex for $50k - total monthly rents $2200 - whose lending?
Started by Nalo Coban
48 Tiny_1399761173-avatar-nalo Last post by Nalo Coban
3 days ago
Looking for a company to manage the payments when I offer seller financing
Started by Shera Gregory
4 Tiny_1399684979-avatar-sartain Last post by Shera Gregory
4 days ago
Procedures & Closing Costs on a Subject2/Wrap
Started by Jason Hodge
0 Tiny_1422124141-avatar-jasonh9 Last post by Jason Hodge
4 days ago
Real estate financing bestsellers
Started by Rotonda Maunu
3 Tiny_1421725257-avatar-rotonda Last post by Rotonda Maunu
4 days ago
Tracking seller financed deals
Started by Joel Berrocal
5 Tiny_1409165685-avatar-bestler Last post by Bob E.
4 days ago
Subject To
Started by Randy Lin
1 Tiny_1408308355-avatar-affordablepm1 Last post by Mark Brogan
4 days ago
Commercial LED financing
Started by Andries Butler
0 Tiny_1399527419-avatar-abutler Last post by Andries Butler
4 days ago
Refinancing to Cash Out Hard Money Loans
Started by Anthony Ogletree
18 Tiny_1420350033-avatar-gokutree Last post by Anthony Ogletree
4 days ago
Blanket loans and FNM 'financed properties'
Started by William Shadbolt
4 No_avatar_tiny Last post by Mike H.
4 days ago
What's the best approach for a newbie's first deal?
Started by Detra Harris
8 Tiny_1407284321-avatar-detra Last post by Detra Harris
4 days ago
New Update: IRA financed properties count towards your financed properties count & Income!
Started by Albert Bui
17 Tiny_1403988095-avatar-fin_savvy Last post by Albert Bui
5 days ago
Has anyone in Portland OR bought owner carry properties
Started by Brett Lee
0 Tiny_1422308742-avatar-brettl1 Last post by Brett Lee
5 days ago

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