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There are other ways to finance a property than the standard mortgage. Let's get creative people and talk about non-traditional, creative, financing ideas.

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Leverage existing assets, cash out refinance to consolidate
Started by Brian Reinhart
3 Tiny_1403988095-avatar-fin_savvy Albert Bui
about 3 hours ago
Getting credit
Started by Kesgn Kesgn
1 Tiny_1399735518-avatar-alanrussell Alan Russell
about 10 hours ago
Joint Venture & Self-Directed IRA's
Started by Mike Lowery
3 Tiny_1412209793-avatar-brighterdays Karen Margrave
about 14 hours ago
Interesting heloc question
Started by David Roberts
11 Tiny_1413129869-avatar-michaelbarbari Michael Barbari
1 day ago
Using IRA as a hard money lender
Started by Nick B.
12 Tiny_1399598633-avatar-sensefinancial Dmitriy Fomichenko
1 day ago
Owner Financing questions--
Started by Lori Vines
5 No_avatar_tiny Lori Vines
2 days ago
How do I structure this deal?
Started by Jason K.
1 Tiny_1399609613-avatar-jmorris Jerred Morris
3 days ago
What are Different Ways to Raise Cash for Real Estate?
Started by Lisa Gass
1 Tiny_1408516292-avatar-jmwaters1 Jesse Waters
4 days ago
Mortgage Loan Originator for Owner Financing
Started by Lori Seymore
13 Tiny_1399668645-avatar-charmed_wi Dawn Anastasi
4 days ago
Interesting find today.
Started by Brian Gray
6 Tiny_1413377366-avatar-beejaykc Brian Gray
4 days ago
Does Wrap Mortgage Effect My Debt Load?
Started by Casey Denton
1 No_avatar_tiny Dion DePaoli
4 days ago
do you use your cellphone, tablet or laptop? when not in your home/office
Started by Ricardo G.
1 Tiny_1399698864-avatar-fritzbucyrus James Wise
5 days ago
Portfolio Lender in Fort Lauderdale?
Started by Katie Boston
1 Tiny_1399734060-avatar-dahab Chadi D.
5 days ago
Using HELOC for down-payment
Started by Tomasz Banas
2 Tiny_1408662299-avatar-impag10 Joe Impagliazzo
5 days ago
Cash out refinance when I have too many mortgages
Started by Oren H.
4 Tiny_1412089618-avatar-minimogul Anna Shaver
5 days ago
Freddie Mac Loan Program - Excellent terms...Check it out.
Started by Ravi Katta
4 Tiny_1410489311-avatar-reddyk Ravi Katta
5 days ago
Refinance first property
Started by Jonathan Emery
2 Tiny_1399391061-avatar-blaqdust Jonathan Emery
5 days ago
vendor finance
Started by Antonio Guillen
2 Tiny_1413360976-avatar-aguillen82 Antonio Guillen
6 days ago
Non-Recourse Financing?
Started by Joe Impagliazzo
8 Tiny_1412946228-avatar-brianwhite96 Brian White
6 days ago

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