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There are other ways to finance a property than the standard mortgage. Using creative techniques to buy, sell, finance and invest in real estate is a great path for those with the knowledge to do so.

Learn more about creative techniques from:
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How do I do my own title search?
Started by Zion Greenfield
7 Tiny 1409592580 avatar chevy37s Last post by Mark Elliott
about 3 hours ago
cash out refinancing strategy
Started by Daniel Levine
73 Tiny 1399704329 avatar recaps Last post by Joe Villeneuve
about 11 hours ago
Seller financing - rates??
Started by Kirsten Mastro
3 Tiny 1435893543 avatar ianm3 Last post by Ian MacIntyre
about 13 hours ago
Seller financing, rent to own, ??
Started by Travis McCarthy
4 Tiny 1433398250 avatar reiskills Last post by Brian Gibbons
1 day ago
Partnership structure for Flip
Started by Kelly Williams
1 Tiny 1418443056 avatar fortwayneinvest Last post by Jeremy Tillotson
1 day ago
Great Read - Freddie Mac's Tax-Exempt Loan Product
Started by Peyton Marsh
0 Tiny 1435768115 avatar pjmarsh Last post by Peyton Marsh
1 day ago
JV 50/50 split
Started by James Palin
10 Tiny 1399679085 avatar derreck w Last post by Derreck Wells
1 day ago
new member in Austin, Texas
Started by Robert Hidrogo
6 Tiny 1435548891 avatar 1mgs Last post by Marvin S.
1 day ago
Financing Flips With FHA 3.5% Down Loans
Started by Robert Haviland
3 No avatar tiny Last post by Stephen Chittenden
1 day ago
Hard Money Lender
Started by Sylvia Pomazak
5 Tiny 1399399183 avatar rei milw Last post by Jenkins Ramon
1 day ago
Purchasing with Cash Questions
Started by Rob Randle
3 No avatar tiny Last post by Rob Randle
1 day ago
Your thoughts on Owner Financing for a Newbie!
Started by Tony Levins
3 Tiny 1399311213 avatar hotwired Last post by Kenneth LaVoie
2 days ago
Where does one find a Short term Investor?
Started by Michael Coulthard
5 Tiny 1399785403 avatar kasc0120 Last post by Karen Schimpf
2 days ago
Looking for a Lender
Started by Robert R.
2 Tiny 1423417027 avatar marcsim Last post by Marc Simpson
2 days ago
Fix and Flip Loans
Started by Kelly Wali
12 No avatar tiny Last post by Kelly Wali
2 days ago
Getting a speedy contract with an owner financed deal
Started by Zion Greenfield
7 Tiny 1428459474 avatar ziong Last post by Zion Greenfield
2 days ago
Cash purchase using LOC, what exit strategy?
Started by Denise Mayo-Walley
6 No avatar tiny Last post by Dan Garfinkel
2 days ago
I have 2 friends that are having a hard time buying a home, is this an opportunity for a new investor?
Started by Robert Hidrogo
7 Tiny 1431546727 avatar my credit team Last post by Paul Ritter
3 days ago
Cash Only for Auction Property - I'm all tapped out
Started by Nathan Lenahan
1 Tiny 1434783563 avatar fundingshop Last post by Cj W.
3 days ago

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