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There are other ways to finance a property than the standard mortgage. Let's get creative people and talk about non-traditional, creative, financing ideas.

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Blanket Mortgages
Started by Jackson Mosley
0 Tiny_1409857370-avatar-jmosley0122 Jackson Mosley
about 20 hours ago
Started by Rick Hungate
95 Tiny_1399778695-avatar-allfree John D.
1 day ago
creating my own mortgage
Started by Calvin Prince
1 Tiny_1414590805-avatar-davidpowerscpa David Powers
1 day ago
Started by Brent Mattison
5 Tiny_1399790524-avatar-bmattison Brent Mattison
1 day ago
Sub2 Deal Structure
Started by Kevin McGarrey
0 No_avatar_tiny Kevin McGarrey
1 day ago
How to structure this deal?
Started by Tony Colquett
10 No_avatar_tiny Kevin McGarrey
1 day ago
Using Lines of Credit and Credit Cards
Started by David Levitt
5 Tiny_1399704329-avatar-recaps Joe Villeneuve
2 days ago
Commercial Lending Options
Started by John Syron
0 Tiny_1414445948-avatar-aureliancl John Syron
2 days ago
Line Of credit on investment property
Started by John T.
7 Tiny_1406321490-avatar-jojototo John T.
3 days ago
reo purchase
Started by Levon Williams
3 Tiny_1404427912-avatar-guyraveh Guy Raveh
3 days ago
Subject To/Seller Financing and the SAFE Act & Dodd Frank
Started by Brian Huber
10 Tiny_1399396164-avatar-financexaminer Bill G.
3 days ago
Leverage Primary Home & Loan Against Personal Business?
Started by Lorraine Pennington
2 Tiny_1412288026-avatar-investorlp Lorraine Pennington
4 days ago
How Do You Pursue Creative Finance?
Started by Brandon G.
10 Tiny_1407630413-avatar-thegriff Brandon G.
4 days ago
Hard Money loan or The Private Lender
Started by Ricqwain Johnson
4 Tiny_1412557279-avatar-jasonscott J Scott
4 days ago
Using asset lenders to finance properties?
Started by Gary Clisele
2 Tiny_1399569812-avatar-iefema Gary Clisele
4 days ago
Credit Line??
Started by Chris Kane
9 Tiny_1399703022-avatar-rehabber7_tn Bryan L.
4 days ago
Sale of Primary Residence - Lease Option
Started by Marcus A.
9 Tiny_1414502322-avatar-1marcus Marcus A.
6 days ago
Financing Rental Space Reno?!
Started by Russ Copeland
2 Tiny_1411319706-avatar-rcopeland Russ Copeland
6 days ago
Getting credit
Started by Kesgn Kesgn
7 Tiny_1414084510-avatar-sthkjones Heather Jones
8 days ago

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