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Real Estate Wholesaling Questions & Answers

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Discuss real estate Wholesaling as a strategy to build wealth. Learn about different marketing techniques, how to conduct a wholesale deal, making offers, assigning contracts, etc.

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Assignments & Double Closings
Started by AJ Neal
0 Tiny 1437708371 avatar viito Last post by AJ Neal
1 minute ago
Property under litigation.
Started by Raden Mantuano
0 Tiny 1438800276 avatar radenlmantuano Last post by Raden Mantuano
14 minutes ago
4 Ways to Become the Go To Wholesaler in Your Market
Started by Lamar Cannon
1 Tiny 1434903723 avatar wakeproperties Last post by Chris Martin
44 minutes ago
Wholesale Gurus and Newbies Please Lend A Hand...
Started by Cam Outlaw
9 Tiny 1440837801 avatar mr outlaw Last post by Cam Outlaw
about 2 hours ago
Quickest way to move properties?
Started by Cedric Dadaille
0 Tiny 1421955116 avatar cdadaille Last post by Cedric Dadaille
about 4 hours ago
True?..."Wholesalers Try To Make More Money Than The End Buyer"
Started by Jeff Joachim
4 Tiny 1398871067 avatar ncarey Last post by Ned Carey
about 5 hours ago
newbie question
Started by Natasha Gill
1 Tiny 1429732353 avatar mjgrealtor Last post by Mark Gallagher
about 5 hours ago
An Attorney For Wholesale Investors
Started by Baron Hicklin
0 No avatar tiny Last post by Baron Hicklin
about 6 hours ago
How can I find the members of an LLC?
Started by Christy D. Starling
6 Tiny 1409629626 avatar christyds Last post by Christy D. Starling
about 6 hours ago
Started by Cam Outlaw
2 No avatar tiny Last post by Baron Hicklin
about 8 hours ago
Joining the local REIA.....as a newbie.
Started by Lummie Spann
8 Tiny 1429583861 avatar adrians1 Last post by Adrian Smude
about 9 hours ago
Wholesaling Commercial Real Estate?
Started by Account Closed
17 No avatar tiny Last post by Lawonna M.
about 17 hours ago
which matters more; Mail piece or consistency?
Started by Fitzgerald Hall
14 Tiny 1438924788 avatar abrahamh1 Last post by Abraham Hodroj
about 20 hours ago
When you first meet a seller what do you give them?
Started by Adam Clark
20 Tiny 1399782946 avatar jsfarmer Last post by Jason Farmer
about 21 hours ago
Wholesale purchase offer, cash deal or financed?
Started by Lori H.
2 Tiny 1401126881 avatar not2g4a Last post by Lori H.
about 22 hours ago
Started by Gabe Garibay
7 No avatar tiny Last post by Gabe Garibay
about 23 hours ago
Got my first deal under contract, Now need advice and opinions!
Started by Matthew Chang
7 Tiny 1440464307 avatar matthewc31 Last post by Matthew Chang
1 day ago
Deals in Fairfield County CT
Started by Rick Hupalo
1 Tiny 1418773436 avatar ctinvestor Last post by Michael Noto
1 day ago

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