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Discuss the Wholesaling strategy. Learn about different techniques, how to conduct a wholesale deal, making offers, assigning contracts, etc.

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Do You Ask for Disclosure Form at Time of Purchase?
Started by Brandon Sturgill
5 Tiny_1399396164-avatar-financexaminer Bill G.
22 minutes ago
The answer to those "wholesaling is illegal, unethical, immoral" statements...
Started by Aaron Mazzrillo
64 Tiny_1399396164-avatar-financexaminer Bill G.
42 minutes ago
Buyers list
Started by Marcus Haywood
14 Tiny_1399667265-avatar-timherndon Tim Herndon
about 1 hour ago
What does the percentage stand for?
Started by Vanessa Burgess
18 Tiny_1412260385-avatar-1vanessab Vanessa Burgess
about 2 hours ago
Wholesaling Haters. Im bummed.
Started by Christopher Mozgawa
28 Tiny_1399593953-avatar-balopez Belinda Lopez
about 4 hours ago
What's the next step
Started by Vanessa Burgess
0 Tiny_1412260385-avatar-1vanessab Vanessa Burgess
about 4 hours ago
Wholesaling to equity
Started by Riley F.
1 Tiny_1403795206-avatar-jrtimko Jeremy T.
about 5 hours ago
ways to find absentee owners the easy and free way
Started by Steve Raymond
2 Tiny_1412179042-avatar-sthkjones Heather Jones
about 6 hours ago
What are the Real Costs Associated with Wholesaling a Property?
Started by Brandon Sturgill
15 Tiny_1399688510-avatar-brandonscott79 Brandon Sturgill
about 6 hours ago
Best $200 you ever spent starting out?
Started by Kyle Critchnau
10 Tiny_1399571198-avatar-polcat Roland Paicely
about 7 hours ago
Started by Nick Sandt
1 Tiny_1399571198-avatar-polcat Roland Paicely
about 9 hours ago
How to calculate closing cost?
Started by Michael Askew
7 Tiny_1399571198-avatar-polcat Roland Paicely
about 9 hours ago
Simultaneous Closing an REO
Started by Nick Sandt
1 Tiny_1413484473-avatar-jdcousteau Joshua Durrin
about 13 hours ago
What was your first step in getting into wholesaling?
Started by Jacolby Pittman
4 Tiny_1406984353-avatar-mr_welldone Gary Thomas
about 17 hours ago
Oklahoma City - Wholesale purchase contract
Started by Cameron Chesney
1 No_avatar_tiny Kyle Critchnau
about 17 hours ago
finding motivated sellers
Started by Ed Kahle
3 No_avatar_tiny Ed Kahle
about 17 hours ago
Wholesaling - Virtual - Oklahoma
Started by Cameron Chesney
4 No_avatar_tiny Kyle Critchnau
about 18 hours ago

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