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Discuss the Wholesaling strategy. Learn about different techniques, how to conduct a wholesale deal, making offers, assigning contracts, etc.

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Started by Alexander Curtis
11 Tiny_1399649407-avatar-cirrusav8or Brian Burke
1 minute ago
Should i switch from direct mail to contact by phone number?
Started by Michael V.
11 Tiny_1410822112-avatar-bbensonw Bruce Wuollet
2 minutes ago
How do I get contracts to wholesale property
Started by Chris Seals
7 Tiny_1411102009-avatar-hdizmond Hattie Dizmond
about 1 hour ago
Charlotte NC
Started by Phillip Thompson
15 Tiny_1399770524-avatar-eboomer2611 Eric Baum
about 3 hours ago
We just need guidance
Started by Josh Barnes
2 Tiny_1410801030-avatar-joshbarnes5 Josh Barnes
about 4 hours ago
Flat Fee real estate brokers in south eastern pa.
Started by Ray Peslar
0 No_avatar_tiny Ray Peslar
about 5 hours ago
What should I do with this Vacant List?
Started by Felix Wisniewski
3 Tiny_1399760754-avatar-fw110613 Felix Wisniewski
about 9 hours ago
Title company
Started by James Russell
0 Tiny_1411158139-avatar-jamesruss James Russell
about 9 hours ago
Lead based paint disclosure forms for wholesale deals?
Started by David Sicherman
4 Tiny_1409948062-avatar-soundguy62 Don Lawlis
about 10 hours ago
REO wholesales
Started by Kevin Hockaday
2 Tiny_1399717480-avatar-cashnotebuyer Joe Gore
about 12 hours ago
FSBO & For Rent Leads
Started by Michael King
2 Tiny_1410629186-avatar-mykingre Michael King
about 12 hours ago
pre-foreclosure door knocking?
Started by Recia Davis
11 Tiny_1408233304-avatar-antwonaustin600 Antwon Austin
about 13 hours ago
Looking for Wholesalers in Spring, Tx
Started by Todd Shampoe
2 Tiny_1410560428-avatar-lancelot05 Lance Spencer
about 13 hours ago
What should I do with this Vacant List?
Started by Felix Wisniewski
4 Tiny_1407637540-avatar-drosen Dick Rosen
about 15 hours ago
Fed up and angry
Started by Chris Kim
23 Tiny_1407675297-avatar-jeffpataki Jeff Pataki
about 16 hours ago
Pueblo/ Southern Colorado Wholesalers?
Started by Michael W.
7 Tiny_1411196780-avatar-bradm1988 Bradley Mullis
about 23 hours ago
Home inspectors
Started by Ashley Swift
6 Tiny_1399374996-avatar-icompugodi Marc Freislinger
1 day ago

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