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Discuss real estate Wholesaling as a strategy to build wealth. Learn about different marketing techniques, how to conduct a wholesale deal, making offers, assigning contracts, etc.

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Wholesale MLS property
Started by Mark Redmann
1 Tiny 1415133889 avatar rickpozos Last post by Richard Pozos
22 minutes ago
Wholesale MLS property
Started by Mark Redmann
3 Tiny 1400808899 avatar redmannmark Last post by Mark Redmann
36 minutes ago
How to Wholesale a Pre-Foreclosure
Started by Chelsey Jimenez
5 Tiny 1424111954 avatar ronniewilson824 Last post by Ronnie Wilson
about 7 hours ago
Starting a wholesaling business with a partner
Started by David White
13 Tiny 1413161179 avatar dwhite0618 Last post by David White
about 12 hours ago
Finding Wholesalers in Houston!
Started by Royce Billiot
7 Tiny 1434673005 avatar lefleurinvmnts Last post by Royce Billiot
about 13 hours ago
Trying to Get Started!
Started by Bianca Garrett
8 Tiny 1435676164 avatar tomrealestate Last post by Thomas Culbreath
about 14 hours ago
Quickest way to get escrow instructions out to seller on a wholesale deal
Started by William Klawitter
4 Tiny 1435998423 avatar andrewhousemaxx Last post by Andrew Brannick
about 14 hours ago
Vacant house sold? question
Started by Raden Mantuano
4 Tiny 1435095075 avatar radenlmantuano Last post by Raden Mantuano
about 20 hours ago
is it illegal in Tennessee want Feedback on this topic
Started by Takeshia Martin
2 Tiny 1409592580 avatar chevy37s Last post by Mark Elliott
about 22 hours ago
first step to wholesaling
Started by Jovante Foreman
4 Tiny 1406858849 avatar sofaking Last post by Robbie Reutzel
about 24 hours ago
Wholesaling in New York
Started by Jonathan Stanley
4 No avatar tiny Last post by Jonathan Stanley
1 day ago
pre-foreclosure door knocking?
Started by Recia Davis
15 Tiny 1399596775 avatar jaminjames21 Last post by James Morgan
1 day ago
Florida Wholesalers
Started by William Manzie
23 Tiny 1424455731 avatar anag Last post by Ana Garcia
1 day ago
How to approach a seller who thinks their house is worth more than it is?
Started by Tony Hernandez
12 Tiny 1435112423 avatar barryherbst Last post by Barry Herbst
1 day ago
Delaware Closing Costs
Started by Georgia H.
3 Tiny 1434828379 avatar justg4me Last post by Georgia H.
1 day ago
Contract Not Signed But Have Access to Property
Started by Bryan Watson
7 Tiny 1429927756 avatar richardj77 Last post by Richard Jeffries
1 day ago
Newbie to the game
Started by Evaristo Urbaez
9 Tiny 1434343007 avatar bigev923 Last post by Evaristo Urbaez
1 day ago
Beginner Wholesaling in Cleveland, OH
Started by Ezechaelle Norris
12 Tiny 1399698864 avatar fritzbucyrus Last post by James Wise
1 day ago

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