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With so many lending sources, there are bound to be questions. This is the place to talk about all those questions you've got about traditional loans, hard money, etc.
Note: This is not the place to solicit business.

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VA Loan Multifamily later Refinancing
Started by Eric Dufault
10 Tiny_1403384257-avatar-ckohls22 Carlton Kohler
about 3 hours ago
LenCred (formally Hawkeye Management)
Started by Larry Russell
5 Tiny_1399758030-avatar-howlingwolf1969 Larry Russell
about 13 hours ago
Conventional Loan Closing Credit Question
Started by Kyle Smith
2 Tiny_1409370878-avatar-kyle1125 Kyle Smith
about 14 hours ago
How to purchase my 3rd investment property?
Started by Russell Engstrom
3 No_avatar_tiny Russell Engstrom
about 14 hours ago
Banks that do delayed financing on investment properties?
Started by Eric Black
0 Tiny_1399686653-avatar-ajspilot Eric Black
about 16 hours ago
1st post how to expand
Started by Cabell Hatchett
1 Tiny_1399527637-avatar-msiekerka Michael Siekerka
about 19 hours ago
financing with domestic partner?
Started by Kathleen Hildenbrand
4 Tiny_1399587364-avatar-mattdevincenzo Matt Devincenzo
about 20 hours ago
Recommendations for Online lender who can do more than 4 mortgages
Started by Swapna Nair
5 Tiny_1408662299-avatar-impag10 Joe Impagliazzo
about 21 hours ago
I am carrying a note... best way to check borrower's credit?
Started by George P.
3 Tiny_1399785403-avatar-kasc0120 Karen Schimpf
about 21 hours ago
Cash out refinance seasoning period
Started by Thant H.
8 Tiny_1399710862-avatar-thant Thant H.
1 day ago
Conventional loan on condo where most units are not owner-occupied
Started by John D.
6 Tiny_1404838733-avatar-david99 David Cheung
1 day ago
Private or HML that requires no money down in FL
Started by JPaul Mills
0 Tiny_1410117455-avatar-jpaulmills JPaul Mills
1 day ago
Hard Money Brokerage and Services Companies
Started by Robert Chambers
0 No_avatar_tiny Robert Chambers
1 day ago
Where did you find your last lender?
Started by Lexie Mark
5 No_avatar_tiny Rachael Collins
1 day ago
What will a lender require? (Conventional loan)
Started by Heather Jones
11 Tiny_1399767999-avatar-sthkjones Heather Jones
2 days ago
Mortgage Broker
Started by Tony E
0 No_avatar_tiny Tony E
2 days ago
Dallas financing options
Started by Eric Jackson
3 Tiny_1411860908-avatar-tsk14743 Siva T.
3 days ago
Loan Based on Property Income
Started by Wendy Vaidic
5 No_avatar_tiny Wendy Vaidic
3 days ago
How will Lender look at this situation??
Started by Todd Nordstrom
5 Tiny_1399717501-avatar-nordy808 Todd Nordstrom
3 days ago
2 bedrm house in Tx. motivated seller giving 70% Equity in sale.
Started by Cecil Russell
7 Tiny_1410240757-avatar-cecil_russell Cecil Russell
3 days ago

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