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With so many lending sources, there are bound to be questions. The private lending and mortgage advice forum is the place to talk about all those questions you've got about traditional loans, hard money, and private money.

Note: This forum is not the place to solicit business.

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Advise on getting cash frmo HML on a rental we own free and clear
Started by Rodney Marcantel
2 Tiny_1410920553-avatar-rmarcant Last post by Rodney Marcantel
42 minutes ago
Texas No seasoning refi banks
Started by Brian Lauchner
4 Tiny_1418834507-avatar-brianl3 Last post by Brian Lauchner
about 2 hours ago
What are Pros and Cons of Freddie Mac Renovation Loan?
Started by Aaron Chung
5 Tiny_1424321528-avatar-ricardoa1 Last post by Ricardo Acevedo
about 3 hours ago
Lending money
Started by Fernando Nova
2 Tiny_1419403715-avatar-jomelrose Last post by Joe Moore
about 4 hours ago
Started by Tyson Hartley
2 Tiny_1424875324-avatar-neilagg Last post by Neil Aggarwal
about 4 hours ago
Chicago investor wiith CA property wants mortgage lender recommendations
Started by David Dawodu
5 Tiny_1403988095-avatar-fin_savvy Last post by Albert Bui
about 5 hours ago
Central PA Portfolio Lender
Started by Ryan Wattenschaidt
0 Tiny_1415541065-avatar-rywattenschaidt Last post by Ryan Wattenschaidt
about 6 hours ago
Looking for guidance on improving credit utilization
Started by Mike Barry
2 Tiny_1424284921-avatar-megaholdings Last post by Ashley Pimsner
about 6 hours ago
Need NC bank recommendation
Started by Gina Dovel
7 Tiny_1425063477-avatar-blueskyahead Last post by Sky Mikesell
about 7 hours ago
Help with mortgage refinance dilemma
Started by Kahanu Noa
9 Tiny_1402292236-avatar-sweeks Last post by Shaun Weeks
about 7 hours ago
Southern California hard money lender
Started by Shawn Couch
5 Tiny_1416175747-avatar-matthew_nixon Last post by Matthew Nixon
1 day ago
Asking bank to ok a Sub2 deal or Lease Purchase?
Started by Al Mcbee
20 Tiny_1400602089-avatar-reiskills Last post by Brian Gibbons
1 day ago
Doing Owner Financing Correctly
Started by Mike Hartzog
12 Tiny_1399396164-avatar-financexaminer Last post by Bill G.
1 day ago
Hard Money or Equity Partner
Started by Moshe Eisenberg
7 Tiny_1399777494-avatar-moikeha09 Last post by Michael Moikeha
1 day ago
Buying primary w/HELOC, any tax advantages?
Started by Michael S.
2 No_avatar_tiny Last post by Brent Coombs
1 day ago
Financing Rental Properties with No Tenants In Place (Shortsale, Foreclosure)
Started by Sean H.
5 Tiny_1400738511-avatar-jerrypadilla Last post by Jerry Padilla
2 days ago
Looking for a good Portfolio Lender in NJ!
Started by Ronald Santamaria
2 Tiny_1425063477-avatar-blueskyahead Last post by Sky Mikesell
2 days ago
Building Non-Profit Pet Shelter's Credit from SCRATCH?
Started by Neil G.
3 Tiny_1408225182-avatar-brendanspaar Last post by Brendan Spaar
2 days ago
Bank Closes Brick and Mortar Branches to Pay for Investments in Mobile
Started by Corey Dutton
5 Tiny_1399399183-avatar-rei_milw Last post by Jenkins Ramon
2 days ago
Experience with hard money lenders?
Started by Erin E.
13 Tiny_1399759194-avatar-jlh Last post by Jay Hinrichs
2 days ago

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