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With so many lending sources, there are bound to be questions. This is the place to talk about all those questions you've got about traditional loans, hard money, etc.
Note: This is not the place to solicit business.

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Impound Account Cancellation Question
Started by Tatyana S.
4 Tiny_1406351201-avatar-tanchik033 Tatyana S.
about 4 hours ago
portfolio and investor loans
Started by Cameron W.
0 Tiny_1416580708-avatar-leewhelan Cameron W.
about 4 hours ago
Refinancing non-preforming commercal property
Started by Gregg Reinbold
5 Tiny_1406888000-avatar-rhineman Gregg Reinbold
about 11 hours ago
Reasonable lender request?
Started by Mike Coleman
8 Tiny_1412973216-avatar-danawhicker Dana Whicker
about 13 hours ago
Financing an Owner Occupied Duplex
Started by Adam Moyer
5 Tiny_1399609964-avatar-amoyer Adam Moyer
about 14 hours ago
whats the deal with USDA loans?
Started by Yoao Oaxaca
4 Tiny_1412312888-avatar-yoao Yoao Oaxaca
about 18 hours ago
Dallas financing options
Started by Eric Jackson
4 Tiny_1416537808-avatar-lpshometeam Bryan Loveless
1 day ago
Better to payoff mortgage via wire transfer or check?
Started by Kevin Huang
3 No_avatar_tiny Wayne Brooks
1 day ago
Commercial loan
Started by Chris Zlotnik
5 Tiny_1415212899-avatar-westhall Ronald Cerreta
1 day ago
Help!!!!How much is "marketing consulting referral" fee
Started by Maha Mikhail
5 Tiny_1398784765-avatar-wheatie Jon Holdman
1 day ago
Waiting period from appraisal to close a loan?
Started by Dan Perrott
6 Tiny_1414791817-avatar-tvallatini Tom Vallatini
1 day ago
Hard money lending
Started by Russell Collins
9 Tiny_1399372314-avatar-dkonipol Don Konipol
1 day ago
Hard Money Lending & Federal Taxes
Started by Heidi Ryan
1 Tiny_1398784765-avatar-wheatie Jon Holdman
2 days ago
HELOC or other options
Started by Adam Kirk
5 No_avatar_tiny Adam Kirk
2 days ago
500K minimum blanket loan is killing me.
Started by Adam Craig
13 Tiny_1415569038-avatar-srtroy83 Sean Troy
2 days ago
Seller Financing Question
Started by Jon Huber
15 Tiny_1407077952-avatar-jonjay Jon Huber
3 days ago
Any Portfolio Lenders in Florida?
Started by Zamir Kazi
1 Tiny_1413856608-avatar-privatebanker23 Bob Green
3 days ago
Has anybody borrowed funds like this?
Started by Vish Iyer
10 Tiny_1413407359-avatar-yogaandlove Vish Iyer
3 days ago
Schedule k-1 and DTI
Started by Joshua Springer
1 Tiny_1408662299-avatar-impag10 Joe Impagliazzo
3 days ago
Discount/Sale to Fannie Mae
Started by Ben Waksmunski
1 Tiny_1408662299-avatar-impag10 Joe Impagliazzo
3 days ago

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