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With so many lending sources, there are bound to be questions. The private lending and mortgage advice forum is the place to talk about all those questions you've got about traditional loans, hard money, and private money.

Note: This forum is not the place to solicit business.

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HELOC on Investment Property?
Started by Mike Smith
11 No_avatar_tiny Last post by Martin Z.
about 1 hour ago
US Financing for Canadians
Started by Steven Darrow
3 Tiny_1417758670-avatar-pawanj Last post by Pawan Johar
about 7 hours ago
How to pick a hard money lender?
Started by CK Hwang
6 No_avatar_tiny Last post by CK Hwang
about 10 hours ago
Questions for the bank
Started by Stephanie Birkhimer
0 No_avatar_tiny Last post by Stephanie Birkhimer
about 11 hours ago
Refinancing a FHA -- appraisal issues
Started by Stephen Dee
5 Tiny_1399708734-avatar-clintdorris Last post by Clint Dorris
about 13 hours ago
Cash or Finance?
Started by Sue McWilliams
12 Tiny_1418084867-avatar-jayshapiro Last post by Jay Shapiro
about 15 hours ago
Positioning oneself for first loan: Claiming taxes
Started by Elan A.
2 Tiny_1399791748-avatar-veritasre Last post by Jeff Trevarthen
about 16 hours ago
Lending Short Term for a rental/house hack investment
Started by Andrew Sime
2 Tiny_1399791748-avatar-veritasre Last post by Jeff Trevarthen
about 16 hours ago
It is possible to have multiple VA loans!!
Started by Vince Williams
17 Tiny_1418752706-avatar-jgskupien Last post by Jessica Skupien
1 day ago
Private Money Lender - How to Qualify the Lender?
Started by Mark Eichlin
4 Tiny_1405634309-avatar-marketinglist Last post by Jane Sheafe
1 day ago
Guarantee of a principal and interest on a loan
Started by Olga Levin
4 Tiny_1411879621-avatar-olgald Last post by Olga Levin
2 days ago
Mortgage Qualification Question
Started by Cheyenne Davis
9 Tiny_1399396164-avatar-financexaminer Last post by Bill G.
3 days ago
Another hard money LLC question
Started by Bienes Raices
2 Tiny_1399362745-avatar-bienesraices Last post by Bienes Raices
3 days ago
Looking for a Private loan or Hard Lender
Started by Jon Linn
17 Tiny_1403313351-avatar-nattydread Last post by Roy N.
3 days ago
How to start out with lenders?
Started by Eric Renney
5 Tiny_1417449426-avatar-ericr Last post by Eric Renney
4 days ago
Refinance - too good to be true?
Started by O'brian R.
5 Tiny_1415682512-avatar-ecolegrove Last post by Elizabeth Colegrove
4 days ago
Funding options for newbie without current income...
Started by Charles Hinson
7 Tiny_1413242637-avatar-chashinson Last post by Charles Hinson
5 days ago
Hard money loan for my personal home as collateral??
Started by Christian Alcaraz
9 Tiny_1410142638-avatar-yogy Last post by Christian Alcaraz
5 days ago
Seller declines FHA offer
Started by Layn Minyard
8 Tiny_1417468579-avatar-successorleads Last post by Morry Eghbal
6 days ago
Started by Bill G.
7 Tiny_1399398408-avatar-mortgagemike100 Last post by Mike Hurney
6 days ago

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