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With so many lending sources, there are bound to be questions. This is the place to talk about all those questions you've got about traditional loans, hard money, etc.
Note: This is not the place to solicit business.

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Where do I go to find Investors?
Started by Chris Steinhafel
1 Tiny_1399698176-avatar-cmusic Chris Music
about 5 hours ago
Fannie Mae Cashout on Primary Max 80% Starting Dec. 13
Started by Joe Impagliazzo
0 Tiny_1408662299-avatar-impag10 Joe Impagliazzo
about 13 hours ago
Fannie Mae will buy 97% LTV mortgages
Started by Andrew Eaton
8 Tiny_1408662299-avatar-impag10 Joe Impagliazzo
about 13 hours ago
Private Lending
Started by Eric Siu
5 Tiny_1413407359-avatar-yogaandlove Vish Iyer
1 day ago
What interest rates should I offer private lenders for rehab work?
Started by Alma Mills
3 No_avatar_tiny Martin Vendemia
1 day ago
Final interest rates on loans?
Started by Carlos O.
3 Tiny_1408662299-avatar-impag10 Joe Impagliazzo
2 days ago
401K loan
Started by Bily Elliott
44 Tiny_1399598633-avatar-sensefinancial Dmitriy Fomichenko
2 days ago
Getting lines of credit
Started by Scott Smull
4 No_avatar_tiny Kesgn Kesgn
3 days ago
Environmental Phase 1 & 2
Started by Oren Karp
10 Tiny_1413718121-avatar-kjsinterests Kevin Siedlecki
3 days ago
Cash Out Refinance Reno Before 6 Months
Started by Paul Dalton
14 Tiny_1399764709-avatar-psdalton123 Paul Dalton
3 days ago
How to prove a property is free and clear?
Started by Sam Leon
7 No_avatar_tiny Daniel Harrison
3 days ago
Finding a portfolio lender
Started by Brent Kelley
21 Tiny_1398784765-avatar-wheatie Jon Holdman
3 days ago
Should You Pay Points to Buy Down Mortgage Interest Rate?
Started by Nate Garrett
11 Tiny_1399445628-avatar-bryanhancock Bryan Hancock
3 days ago
1st Property Financing Question
Started by Alan Diamond
4 No_avatar_tiny Alan Diamond
3 days ago
Hard money plus FHA loan refinance - is it possible?
Started by Assaf Furman
2 Tiny_1412105209-avatar-assaf_furman Assaf Furman
3 days ago
How to Maximize Financing Ability
Started by Jerry Poon
31 Tiny_1409757363-avatar-fjr Frank R.
4 days ago
Port Huron, MI Properties
Started by Thomas Idzikowski
0 Tiny_1412533932-avatar-tidzik Thomas Idzikowski
4 days ago
Looking for feedback on Drexel Brothers
Started by Brian Walsh
0 Tiny_1404868180-avatar-bwalsh33 Brian Walsh
4 days ago
Commercial loan...The bank said nooo!!!!, What?
Started by Rolanda Eldridge
12 Tiny_1399416413-avatar-anotherlevel Rolanda Eldridge
4 days ago
Nj Portfolio lending
Started by Daniel Alegre
3 Tiny_1412692478-avatar-dpa Dave Anstatt
4 days ago

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