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With so many lending sources, there are bound to be questions. The private lending and mortgage advice forum is the place to talk about all those questions you've got about traditional loans, hard money, and private money.

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1st Home purchase
Started by Trevon Peracca
0 Tiny 1432598919 avatar trevonperacca Last post by Trevon Peracca
4 minutes ago
Freddie loosening their guildlines regarding rental income?
Started by Andy Ferrell
1 Tiny 1436206583 avatar ashleyl2 Last post by Ashley Lesieur
about 1 hour ago
Adjustable rate commercial loans.
Started by Chris Field
2 Tiny 1421103889 avatar bancofcalrobert Last post by Robert Sepulveda
about 2 hours ago
Morgage Advice - Refinance Personal & Commercial Into 1 Loan?
Started by Elizabeth S.
3 Tiny 1399693444 avatar yahooly Last post by Elizabeth S.
about 2 hours ago
Hard money loans
Started by Daryl Williams
1 Tiny 1399767300 avatar benstoodley Last post by Ben Stoodley
about 2 hours ago
Graduating from Flipping to Lending. What do I need to know?
Started by Marcello D.
7 Tiny 1426544416 avatar darrene Last post by Darren Eady
about 2 hours ago
Anyone have experience with LendingHome?
Started by Lee Huffman
10 Tiny 1436353262 avatar mavrik2747 Last post by Drew Castleberry
about 2 hours ago
Never Fund a Loan on Real Estate Without a Trust Deed
Started by Corey Dutton
0 Tiny 1403634043 avatar nonbankloans Last post by Corey Dutton
about 3 hours ago
Owner Occupied Multifamily Financing with <5% down?
Started by Matt Rothwell
34 Tiny 1399692510 avatar rothwem Last post by Matt Rothwell
about 4 hours ago
Transferring a Loan to One Spouse
Started by Trevor Ewen
4 Tiny 1415738148 avatar trevorewen Last post by Trevor Ewen
about 4 hours ago
Being organized for bank loans
Started by Rob Sasser
4 Tiny 1433438606 avatar robs8 Last post by Rob Sasser
about 5 hours ago
Can you do a cash out refi on CA house in Family Trust?
Started by Tammy Wise
4 Tiny 1417909706 avatar coasthomebuyers Last post by Mark F.
about 6 hours ago
Any B2R Finance input or experiences?
Started by Jonathan Andersen
2 Tiny 1433957599 avatar jandersen Last post by Jonathan Andersen
about 9 hours ago
Refinancing a Mortgage Can Improve Financial Circumstances
Started by Robart Luis
0 Tiny 1422609782 avatar robart Last post by Robart Luis
about 13 hours ago
Pre-Approval Concerns
Started by Corey London
4 Tiny 1436223056 avatar coreylondon Last post by Corey London
about 17 hours ago
First Commercial Term Sheet-- Are these reasonable terms?
Started by Eric Army
0 Tiny 1438027919 avatar ericprov Last post by Eric Army
about 19 hours ago
Any HML's in Fayetteville, NC area?
Started by Justin Tahilramani
3 Tiny 1429675320 avatar kateesha Last post by Kateesha Tearry
about 21 hours ago
Long Term Loan for Investors with over 10 Financed Properties???
Started by Shannon Phillips
1 Tiny 1421103889 avatar bancofcalrobert Last post by Robert Sepulveda
1 day ago
Rental Portfolio opportunity
Started by David Bayon
11 Tiny 1399419536 avatar tdspropertiesvt Last post by Tom S.
1 day ago

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