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Would you buy an 8 unit with a sex offender as a tenant?
Started by Matt Sterling
74 Tiny 1403386319 avatar pt6776 Last post by Pete T.
2 minutes ago
How can I reduce property utility bill?
Started by Joe Boggin
6 No avatar tiny Last post by Matthew Paul
6 minutes ago
Buy and Hold strategy in a failing market
Started by ISI OBADAN
1 Tiny 1399704329 avatar recaps Last post by Joe Villeneuve
9 minutes ago
Did I Do The Right Thing?
Started by Jay Craig
3 Tiny 1435605947 avatar christopherb8 Last post by Christopher Brainard
14 minutes ago
How to find a homeowner of a foreclosure
Started by JaNarria Johnson
2 No avatar tiny Last post by Wayne Brooks
14 minutes ago
Started by Ashley Jackson
0 Tiny 1432869379 avatar ashjack Last post by Ashley Jackson
34 minutes ago
Advice Needed - Sell or Rent
Started by Mike Farr
3 Tiny 1438108481 avatar mikef22 Last post by Mike Farr
about 2 hours ago
Is it smart to invest in a red hot market?
Started by Nick Elrod
13 Tiny 1429824808 avatar briannick Last post by Brian G.
about 2 hours ago
Wholetale vs flip?
Started by Ryan D.
2 Tiny 1401039442 avatar rockyvasq Last post by Rocky V.
about 2 hours ago
Tax deductability of cash out financing after cash purchase
Started by Bruce Filgate
1 Tiny 1399739134 avatar briebrian Last post by Brie Schmidt
about 2 hours ago
How to buy a new primary residence and rent out our current house
Started by Melvin Fenner
3 Tiny 1434411359 avatar melvinf1 Last post by Melvin Fenner
about 3 hours ago
Conventional loan not available on duplex?
Started by Tim A.
7 Tiny 1434043982 avatar egroussman Last post by Ed Groussman
about 3 hours ago
Buying a home with a squatter in it....
Started by Ryan D.
14 Tiny 1436007604 avatar kjsinterests Last post by Kevin Siedlecki
about 4 hours ago
Platform Fee
Started by Gita Faust
0 Tiny 1405612710 avatar gita faust Last post by Gita Faust
about 4 hours ago
General Liability Insurance- Florida
Started by Debra Mittleman
6 Tiny 1427420078 avatar jwf Last post by JW Franz
about 4 hours ago
Are there listing websites like Zillow where i can find land for sale
Started by Dominic Lobban
0 Tiny 1432176925 avatar dominicl Last post by Dominic Lobban
about 4 hours ago
Prefabricated Garages
Started by Anthony Atyeo
3 Tiny 1425826419 avatar austincy Last post by Austin Youmans
about 4 hours ago
Looking into my first deal
Started by Matthew Briil
2 No avatar tiny Last post by Russ Draper
about 4 hours ago

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