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What do Flippers do with the profits?
Started by Glenn McCrorey
0 Tiny 1422048716 avatar grmccror Last post by Glenn McCrorey
2 minutes ago
Where is the strongest rental market in Metro Detroit?
Started by Marcin Szczepanski
5 No avatar tiny Last post by George Allen
14 minutes ago
What's the best way to do out-of-state research?
Started by David Grimm
3 Tiny 1435796475 avatar cnwillis8 Last post by Chris Willis
37 minutes ago
Getting cold feet - help!
Started by Stephanie D.
34 Tiny 1429814108 avatar deac Last post by Dea Chu
about 1 hour ago
Title Company Nightmare Closing
Started by Shannon Fong
5 Tiny 1427655357 avatar shannonf3 Last post by Shannon Fong
about 1 hour ago
Diary of my first step: Jersey City NJ Multi-Family- No experience, no idea what i'm doing, no regrets
Started by Sunny Suh
21 No avatar tiny Last post by Barbara Goodman
about 1 hour ago
I met with a seasoned real estate investor and he said ditch the duplex, go for the fourplex.
Started by Daniel Okon
9 Tiny 1399672937 avatar kyran Last post by Kelly N.
about 1 hour ago
Need help, Evaluate my deal: How much over home's asking price would you pay?
Started by Ben Curtin
9 Tiny 1437127443 avatar spiero Last post by Bram Spiero
about 1 hour ago
New law coming in Oct 2015!
Started by Vania Castillo
4 Tiny 1399703647 avatar horizons Last post by Vania Castillo
about 2 hours ago
Top Markets in Canada for buy and hold cash flow?
Started by Joey Noel
2 Tiny 1403313351 avatar nattydread Last post by Roy N.
about 3 hours ago
I would appreciate experienced advise! I'm open minded to everything!
Started by Richard Boyd
4 Tiny 1415682512 avatar ecolegrove Last post by Elizabeth Colegrove
about 7 hours ago
People still living in the property we are purchasing. What do we do?
Started by Erin P.
8 Tiny 1415682512 avatar ecolegrove Last post by Elizabeth Colegrove
about 7 hours ago
U.S Veteran Investors
Started by Ronald Harris
13 No avatar tiny Last post by Anthony Rhodes
about 7 hours ago
Multifamily Exit Strategy
Started by Joshua White
2 Tiny 1417630911 avatar kctonyg Last post by Anthony Gayden
about 10 hours ago
owner finance
Started by Carl Thomas
0 No avatar tiny Last post by Carl Thomas
about 10 hours ago
Any good books / reading info on tear downs and building single family homes from scratch?
Started by Manish A.
15 Tiny 1412557279 avatar jasonscott Last post by J Scott
about 10 hours ago
Investors in Sacramento/Folsom California
Started by Greg Foster
2 Tiny 1416121325 avatar jhakunti Last post by Jayden Hakunti
about 11 hours ago
Kansas City
Started by Kathryn Scherich
2 Tiny 1399599467 avatar melissa191 Last post by Mel Wyatt
about 11 hours ago
New to Real estate HUD home.Can you help?
Started by Gracw Wachuta
10 Tiny 1399663496 avatar longhorngreg Last post by Greg H.
about 12 hours ago

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