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Buying & Selling Real Estate Discussion

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This forum is for those people with general questions about buying & selling real estate. Discuss the buying process, picking a home, and other important homeowner questions.

NOTE: This is NOT the place to promote deals. That must be done in our Marketplace.

Discussion Replies Last Post
Closed on my first Hubzu property
Started by Nick G.
4 Tiny 1425650191 avatar cashpayme Last post by Nick G.
3 minutes ago
Feedback on Turn Key RE Companies
Started by Joe Martella
46 Tiny 1399739134 avatar briebrian Last post by Brie Schmidt
3 minutes ago
Need help with getting the right Contract form
Started by Melvon Everett
0 Tiny 1440817588 avatar melvon Last post by Melvon Everett
3 minutes ago
Homepath = fraud? Offer shown as accepted yet asked to resubmit?
Started by Kevin Rain
14 No avatar tiny Last post by Wayne Brooks
9 minutes ago
Spokane Area
Started by Loren Buchanan
4 Tiny 1440435187 avatar jayc27 Last post by Jay Carson
11 minutes ago
Primer - Estimating ARV
Started by J Scott
29 Tiny 1440878754 avatar geraldw3 Last post by Gerald W mcgee
31 minutes ago
South West Florida Wholesalers...Where are they???
Started by Esaul Viramontes
8 Tiny 1434032344 avatar optimist Last post by Chris Ranney
37 minutes ago
Buying a Multi Family in New England
Started by Rich Hupper
4 Tiny 1413747373 avatar russelltee Last post by Russell Brazil
about 1 hour ago
Anyone with an active RE license in MD wholesaling?
Started by Anthony Alexander
4 Tiny 1399687340 avatar chris ramirez Last post by Christina R.
about 2 hours ago
Started by Dan Liptak
12 Tiny 1440007156 avatar jayg16 Last post by Jay Goldblatt
about 2 hours ago
Can I refinance conventional if I pay cash for a rental property?
Started by Wayne Solum
15 Tiny 1399444343 avatar bcaztx Last post by Bil Casimir
about 2 hours ago
Laptop/tablet/Operating system recommendations please.
Started by Austin Davis
14 Tiny 1439663785 avatar morelifetolive1 Last post by John Baxter
about 2 hours ago
Tropical REIA’s General Meeting with Jake Butler
Started by Linda Willis
0 Tiny 1399686756 avatar lindajwillis Last post by Linda Willis
about 2 hours ago
20yr vs 15yr commercial financing
Started by Andrew Feil
2 Tiny 1427822552 avatar blindbandit219 Last post by Andrew Feil
about 2 hours ago
New Maryland, DC and Northern Virginia Contracts
Started by Russell Brazil
3 Tiny 1436836776 avatar michellem12 Last post by Michelle Mapp
about 2 hours ago
Finding an investment
Started by Andrew Gunn
4 No avatar tiny Last post by Andrew Gunn
about 3 hours ago
Do you have a system for investing out of state?
Started by Tyler Brown
7 Tiny 1414179104 avatar ckanko Last post by Christine Kankowski
about 3 hours ago
rent controlled tenant in New York City
Started by Lina Shum
11 No avatar tiny Last post by Tyler Brown
about 3 hours ago
Six Unit in Michigan Under Contract
Started by Ryan Kuja
20 Tiny 1417724549 avatar agenttundra Last post by Josiah Swartz
about 3 hours ago

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