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This forum is for those people with general questions about buying & selling real estate. Discuss the buying process, picking a home, and other important homeowner questions.

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Anyone have experience with buy and hold in Campus Park, Bakersfield, CA
Started by Russ Beck
0 Tiny_1430152914-avatar-randk2005 Last post by Russ Beck
2 minutes ago
I am no convinced.....
Started by Karen Hurd
26 Tiny_1422480542-avatar-kevind7 Last post by Kevin Delaney
12 minutes ago
Current Boston Market
Started by John and martina T.
0 Tiny_1424557969-avatar-johnnyte Last post by John and martina T.
27 minutes ago
A house with no comps?? Need Help Again!!
Started by Karen Hurd
10 Tiny_1423359935-avatar-karenh4 Last post by Karen Hurd
29 minutes ago
Getting your agent to be truly on your side
Started by Eric Blackford
19 Tiny_1426464942-avatar-ericb41 Last post by Eric Blackford
32 minutes ago
Keep renting or Sell in 2015?
Started by Kumi Alderman
3 Tiny_1399699594-avatar-peoney702 Last post by Kumi Alderman
36 minutes ago
Freezing Winters in the Midwest cities and Plumbing Concerns
Started by Leo B.
16 Tiny_1413481964-avatar-breanns Last post by BreAnn Stephenson
about 1 hour ago
Millionaire RE Investor - Discount you Require
Started by Lee G.
10 Tiny_1427052144-avatar-leeg5 Last post by Lee G.
about 2 hours ago
Best part of Bakersfield to buy in
Started by Russ Beck
2 Tiny_1430152914-avatar-randk2005 Last post by Russ Beck
about 3 hours ago
Buying First Home Benefits vs Wholesaling
Started by Stu Johnson
2 Tiny_1424581063-avatar-tyronm Last post by Tyron McDaniel
about 3 hours ago
One multi unit building vs several less expensive units.
Started by Scott Rabin
11 Tiny_1427983791-avatar-scottr16 Last post by Scott Rabin
about 3 hours ago
Single Family Investors: New Long-Term Debt source (unlimited loans)
Started by Jon Strishak
1 Tiny_1412204573-avatar-alegriacm Last post by Jon Strishak
about 3 hours ago
HUD Property Under Contract - Seller Concessions
Started by Derek Sowell
1 Tiny_1399663496-avatar-longhorngreg Last post by Greg H.
about 3 hours ago
25% Down Payment Required for Multi-Families? New Fannie/Freddie Rule?
Started by Tyler Bain
26 Tiny_1423380628-avatar-charleswor212 Last post by Charles Worth
about 3 hours ago
2% it still real?
Started by Rich Ramirez
117 Tiny_1399768004-avatar-rios9000 Last post by Andrew Syrios
about 4 hours ago
Out of State Turnkey: Shocking Home Inspection report?
Started by Peter J.
46 No_avatar_tiny Last post by Peter J.
about 4 hours ago
?House prices will never outpace inflation over time, its impossible.
Started by Ron Thomas
166 Tiny_1412557279-avatar-jasonscott Last post by J Scott
about 4 hours ago
Started by Karen Margrave
12 Tiny_1430766367-avatar-adammessenger Last post by Adam Messenger
about 4 hours ago
Tax lien issues in Texas
Started by Ondrece Love
7 Tiny_1409931905-avatar-ondrece Last post by Ondrece Love
about 4 hours ago

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