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CA/OC looking for guidance
Started by Jesse Anderson
0 Tiny 1432674890 avatar jpma Last post by Jesse Anderson
10 minutes ago
Pocket Listing- Spacious condo in Lake Forest great for investors
Started by Danielle K Woodard
0 Tiny 1436170736 avatar daniellek1 Last post by Danielle K Woodard
38 minutes ago
What would you do if in my shoes? Writing counter offer on sell of house.
Started by Thomas Bybee
5 Tiny 1431546727 avatar my credit team Last post by Paul Ritter
about 2 hours ago
Is a buyer's agent required in South Carolina?
Started by Rick D.
4 No avatar tiny Last post by Wayne Brooks
about 2 hours ago
Buying property in Michigan
Started by Doug Dattawalker
6 Tiny 1406380431 avatar jontrading Last post by Jon W.
about 2 hours ago
U.S Veteran Investors
Started by Ronald Harris
10 Tiny 1436408285 avatar ronaldh6 Last post by Ronald Harris
about 2 hours ago
Finding Good Multi-Units?
Started by Chad Jarrah
3 No avatar tiny Last post by Chris Field
about 2 hours ago
New law coming in Oct 2015!
Started by Vania Castillo
2 Tiny 1399704329 avatar recaps Last post by Joe Villeneuve
about 2 hours ago
Package Deal, My First Deal, and Maybe Out of My League?
Started by Michael Slockers
4 Tiny 1400417745 avatar jmueller Last post by Joe Mueller
about 3 hours ago
Seven Questions Inexperienced Wholesalers Hate
Started by Jeff Morelock
10 Tiny 1424814618 avatar ashleyg5 Last post by Ashley Guzman
about 3 hours ago
flip potential
Started by Yolanda Thompson
2 Tiny 1401039442 avatar rockyvasq Last post by Rocky V.
about 3 hours ago
Making offer, recent code violation notice - risks, strategies? (Unpermitted ADU in Seattle)
Started by Chester Knapp
3 Tiny 1419391092 avatar jcpropertygroup Last post by John Cohen
about 3 hours ago
Making the transition out of 8 to 5 job
Started by Steve Drake
5 No avatar tiny Last post by Matthew Cole
about 3 hours ago
If there are no deals in the SF Bay Area...
Started by Jonny Cerri
7 Tiny 1413305147 avatar volstrike3 Last post by Joe B.
about 3 hours ago
Personal line of credit #ASKBP
Started by Igor Tomic
3 Tiny 1403313351 avatar nattydread Last post by Roy N.
about 4 hours ago
Las Vegas????
Started by David Bell
13 Tiny 1435183196 avatar davidb78 Last post by David Bell
about 4 hours ago
Advice Needed - Sell or Rent
Started by Mike Farr
11 Tiny 1399747409 avatar williamhoch Last post by William Hochstedler
about 5 hours ago
Is it smart to invest in a red hot market?
Started by Nick Elrod
23 Tiny 1429824808 avatar briannick Last post by Brian G.
about 5 hours ago
Leimert park
Started by Sherry G.
1 Tiny 1425369701 avatar davonl Last post by Davon Lowery
about 6 hours ago

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