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Buying & Selling Real Estate Discussion

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This forum is for those people with general questions about buying & selling real estate. Discuss the buying process, picking a home, and other important homeowner questions.

NOTE: This is NOT the place to promote deals. That must be done in our Marketplace.

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Permanent residence or vacation?
Started by Trent Fisher
16 Tiny 1419215207 avatar squathomas Last post by Levi Bennett
15 minutes ago
Investor Friendly Realtor in Dayton OH?
Started by Wayne Snell
1 Tiny 1439217759 avatar rogers5 Last post by Roger Smart
16 minutes ago
How Should I Approach A Potential Off-Market Deal?
Started by Jared Brandon
0 Tiny 1441069175 avatar jaredbrandon Last post by Jared Brandon
28 minutes ago
Is It a Bubble..."!?!
Started by Ben Leybovich
39 Tiny 1438996650 avatar honobob Last post by Bob Bowling
29 minutes ago
Turnkey Companies in Cleveland, Columbus and Indianapolis metro
Started by Corby Goade
10 Tiny 1439911121 avatar kevinm42 Last post by Kevin M. Rooney
33 minutes ago
Presell a flip, how soon is too soon to list, get buyers in, etc.
Started by Troy S.
0 Tiny 1402670528 avatar troysheets Last post by Troy S.
42 minutes ago
First Potential Deal. Thoughts?
Started by Dan Simpson
4 Tiny 1410404352 avatar aaronwyssmann Last post by Aaron Wyssmann
about 1 hour ago
Cheap Distressed Houses in SF Bay Area
Started by Martin Flores
1 Tiny 1432870046 avatar timf3 Last post by Tim FitzGerald
about 1 hour ago
Who on here has the coolest Airbnb place?
Started by Ryan D.
0 Tiny 1439827827 avatar rdossey1 Last post by Ryan D.
about 2 hours ago
I passed my Indiana Broker Exam!!
Started by Ryan D.
20 Tiny 1439827827 avatar rdossey1 Last post by Ryan D.
about 2 hours ago
Home Equity Line vs Cash out Refi: Which is better to fund my next deal?
Started by Mike Barry
8 No avatar tiny Last post by Brett Hennessy
about 2 hours ago
Transferring a house without purchase
Started by Alex SImon
2 Tiny 1423739458 avatar bossfearless Last post by Alex SImon
about 2 hours ago
Build To Suit Flip? Tenants Living in Potential Flip
Started by Clay Manship
0 Tiny 1399716035 avatar huskymuskie Last post by Clay Manship
about 2 hours ago
Maryland Area
Started by Mike A.
13 Tiny 1399733384 avatar malukings Last post by Anil Samuel
about 2 hours ago
FHA- Can I split an FHA loan with another partner?
Started by Zachary Gwin
2 Tiny 1437089641 avatar zacharyg1 Last post by Zachary Gwin
about 3 hours ago
Flat Fee MLS Realtor in North Alabama
Started by Shah Alam
3 Tiny 1399743985 avatar jmednck Last post by Jonathan Mednick
about 3 hours ago
Owner-financing = Reverse Mortgage??
Started by Victor Olowu
4 Tiny 1433267895 avatar aaron63 Last post by Aaron Vaughn
about 4 hours ago
New Investor
Started by Derick Epstein
5 Tiny 1403240449 avatar shetherington Last post by Scott Hetherington
about 4 hours ago
Newbie Rental Investment Questions
Started by Kim Rose
9 No avatar tiny Last post by Chris Wierman
about 4 hours ago

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