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Buying a 6-plex for a newbie
Started by Robert Baker
3 Tiny 1438662505 avatar jons21 Last post by Jon S.
less than a minute ago
Using a Self Directed IRA
Started by James Cash
2 Tiny 1426429527 avatar jamesfcash Last post by James Cash
16 minutes ago
Advice on Vetting a Realtor to find Multi-Unit Investments_South Florida & North Carolina
Started by Lakila Richardson
10 Tiny 1429843008 avatar coastalharvey Last post by Nicola Harvey
32 minutes ago
Friend or Foe?
Started by Ryan Palakiko
0 No avatar tiny Last post by Ryan Palakiko
36 minutes ago
Is there a good or bad time (season) to buy a rental property?
Started by Daniel Wetherill
15 Tiny 1419391092 avatar jcpropertygroup Last post by John Cohen
38 minutes ago
Duplex with water/mold
Started by Andrew Meyer
2 Tiny 1399459247 avatar mandolinwind Last post by Mike D'Arrigo
about 1 hour ago
Distressed Condo/Townhouse Community with NO good Comps
Started by Philip Bashaw
0 Tiny 1411477342 avatar philbashaw Last post by Philip Bashaw
about 1 hour ago
Started by J Campbell
3 Tiny 1434144951 avatar fastsaleagents Last post by John Kent
about 1 hour ago
Denver Multi-Family
Started by Kevin Andrews
3 Tiny 1415227838 avatar dannymack Last post by Dan Mackin
about 2 hours ago
Why is the "appreciation perpetuity" being ignored when valuing properties?
Started by Josh Beroukhim
14 Tiny 1399664178 avatar imade12million Last post by David Krulac
about 2 hours ago
Cheapest Oceanside Retirement Cities?
Started by Joey Noel
98 No avatar tiny Last post by Toots Mcgee
about 2 hours ago
Investors wanting to get their RE license should read...
Started by Allen Maris
68 Tiny 1398792369 avatar amaris Last post by Allen Maris
about 3 hours ago
Flipping Mobile Homes
Started by Brandon Siewert
0 No avatar tiny Last post by Brandon Siewert
about 4 hours ago
Is it best to get an investment property in my name or LLC?
Started by Brittaney Woods
2 Tiny 1434680118 avatar tellesio Last post by Christopher Telles
about 5 hours ago
New investor - Looking at Vegas and a few other markets
Started by Kellan Martz
3 Tiny 1399577641 avatar vandalfan Last post by Jonna Weber
about 5 hours ago
Buying my first duplex with no job?
Started by Lisa Vu
8 No avatar tiny Last post by Mark Cipollini
about 5 hours ago
GNND Loan Approval
Started by Caryn Musgrave
1 Tiny 1434144951 avatar fastsaleagents Last post by John Kent
about 5 hours ago
Inspection tax deductible?
Started by Erik Schilling
1 Tiny 1428034465 avatar lindaw9 Last post by Linda Weygant
about 6 hours ago
Single-family homes outside of Portland, OR vs. multi-family properties outside Chicago, IL.
Started by Zachary Wagner
4 Tiny 1399759194 avatar jlh Last post by Jay Hinrichs
about 6 hours ago

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