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This forum is for those people with general questions about buying & selling real estate. Discuss the buying process, picking a home, and other important homeowner questions.

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#askbp 15-yr vs 30-yr mortgage
Started by David Zinn
27 Tiny 1403024141 avatar arlanj Last post by Arlan Potter
2 minutes ago
Advice needed
Started by Sam Kassi
3 No avatar tiny Last post by George Allen
37 minutes ago
Dream House up for rent. Interested in purchasing. Need advice.
Started by Jared Chipkin
3 Tiny 1428591782 avatar jaredsc Last post by Jared Chipkin
39 minutes ago
Finally Ready - Help me analyze please!
Started by Kimberly Harrell
10 Tiny 1430941304 avatar bills16 Last post by Bill Struthers
41 minutes ago
House going to tax sale - negotiate the mortgage and buy before the sale?
Started by Brandon Bohland
3 Tiny 1415384719 avatar brandonbo Last post by Brandon Bohland
about 1 hour ago
Utah Real Estate Market
Started by Korey Moore
9 Tiny 1399747409 avatar williamhoch Last post by William Hochstedler
about 1 hour ago
Help! direct mailing campaigns!
Started by Emmanuel Onyemem
6 Tiny 1399678084 avatar deverix Last post by Dev Horn
about 1 hour ago
Sewer line inspections
Started by Bienes Raices
20 Tiny 1435855195 avatar hlrayjr Last post by Henry Ray
about 2 hours ago
In Maryland (Should I Buy and renovate or Rent?)
Started by Mike Zorbach
6 Tiny 1432519743 avatar gilbertd Last post by Gilbert Dominguez
about 2 hours ago
Out of Country (Canada) Investor - Manage Flip In States- How does it work?
Started by Forest Williams
8 Tiny 1415543813 avatar pontifex Last post by Crystal Smith
about 2 hours ago
13 Bedrooms!
Started by Luke Glaze
4 Tiny 1432519743 avatar gilbertd Last post by Gilbert Dominguez
about 3 hours ago
Started by Connie Covert
15 Tiny 1435755400 avatar jelliott745 Last post by Jennifer Elliott
about 3 hours ago
"Worth" It? (CA Duplex)
Started by Gary F.
7 Tiny 1399658744 avatar abhaykanhere Last post by Abhay K.
about 3 hours ago
Feedback on Turn Key RE Companies
Started by Joe Martella
21 Tiny 1427747010 avatar marks39 Last post by Mark Shaffar
about 3 hours ago
Closing Cost?
Started by Rasheed Chambers
3 Tiny 1428535298 avatar rasheedc Last post by Rasheed Chambers
about 5 hours ago
Newbie Introduction from Houston
Started by Kevin Wiltz
5 Tiny 1399448433 avatar bunkerhill Last post by Paul Timmins
about 5 hours ago
Probate Investing
Started by Cameron Sharp
0 Tiny 1435583336 avatar cjsharp88 Last post by Cameron Sharp
about 5 hours ago
Chattanooga, TN property: Looking for some advice
Started by Marcus Blalock
2 Tiny 1435783876 avatar marcusb11 Last post by Marcus Blalock
about 13 hours ago
Should I pay my real estate agent for a deal that didn't work out?
Started by Arthur Edmund
3 Tiny 1429354063 avatar topwizard Last post by Arthur Edmund
about 13 hours ago

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