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This forum is for those people with general questions about buying & selling real estate. Discuss the buying process, picking a home, and other important homeowner questions.

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Dubai’s High Speed Growth And Development
Started by David Carlos
1 Tiny 1433874335 avatar morgan nilsen Last post by Morgan Nilsen
7 minutes ago
VA and Location
Started by Dan Bee
1 Tiny 1431830973 avatar mbartlett Last post by MARLENA BARTLETT
about 1 hour ago
SCAM...beware inexperienced investors!
Started by Erica Juhl
41 Tiny 1423445935 avatar durrrell Last post by Darrell Lee
about 1 hour ago
Growth rates of city property and suburb properties.
Started by Robert Fisher
4 Tiny 1434648767 avatar point finance Last post by Eoin Matthews
about 1 hour ago
Las Vegas market question
Started by Sutton Zolner
19 Tiny 1435605947 avatar christopherb8 Last post by Christopher Brainard
about 1 hour ago
Finding the best sponsoring Broker.
Started by Jose Montero
7 Tiny 1435905426 avatar josem15 Last post by Jose Montero
about 2 hours ago
Seeking feedback on a pontential Offer in Dallas
Started by Amil Spencer
1 Tiny 1401039442 avatar rockyvasq Last post by Rocky V.
about 3 hours ago
Property Report Question
Started by Martin Edwards
4 Tiny 1428369860 avatar martine1 Last post by Martin Edwards
about 3 hours ago
Out of Country (Canada) Investor - Manage Flip In States- How does it work?
Started by Forest Williams
16 Tiny 1399591341 avatar larrysmet Last post by Larry Smet
about 4 hours ago
Loan Approval with Conditions/ Letter of Explanation HELP!
Started by James R.
7 No avatar tiny Last post by Wayne Brooks
about 4 hours ago
If I'm cash-flowing why does Bigger Pockets make me feel like I failed?
Started by David Cohen
102 Tiny 1432519743 avatar gilbertd Last post by Gilbert Dominguez
about 4 hours ago
The latest skinny on Dodd Frank and the Safe Act
Started by Gilbert Dominguez
17 Tiny 1399759194 avatar jlh Last post by Jay Hinrichs
about 4 hours ago
Question for Wholesalers
Started by Jay Whitfield
6 Tiny 1424111954 avatar ronniewilson824 Last post by Ronnie Wilson
about 4 hours ago
Anyone Have Experience In The Cleveland Heights, OH Market?
Started by Ken Quella
7 Tiny 1432411229 avatar geoffreyh Last post by Geoffrey Hoffman
about 5 hours ago
VA Loan and a military transfer, How do I get another house?
Started by Jarrod Rayner
13 Tiny 1399772768 avatar fivell50 Last post by Jarrod Rayner
about 5 hours ago
Active members in Jacksonville, Florida?
Started by Blake Woodham
13 Tiny 1433349957 avatar gcohen31 Last post by Gregg Cohen
about 6 hours ago
Heloc or Loan pro,s & con,s
Started by Craig Hanlon
2 Tiny 1414952008 avatar southwick Last post by Craig Hanlon
about 6 hours ago
Hassle factor of a property?
Started by Jedd Braunwarth
8 Tiny 1425576377 avatar janea2 Last post by Jane Alstatt
about 6 hours ago
My own house?
Started by Lawrence Eddy
8 Tiny 1399603498 avatar russ44 Last post by Russell Ponce
about 7 hours ago

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