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Have a question about contractors? Looking to network with other contractors? These professionals are key to any rehab, to development, and much more. This is our forum for contractor related stuff.

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How Much Should I Pay For Demo/Gutting?
Started by Matthew Buttner
5 Tiny_1399746867-avatar-driven3000 Robert Williams
about 8 hours ago
Failed Property Inspection
Started by Nghi Le
22 Tiny_1400563360-avatar-homesbyflavia22 Flavia Brown
1 day ago
Contractors in Detroit
Started by Sharon Jacas
5 Tiny_1399529389-avatar-bevhankerson Beverly Hankerson
3 days ago
Looking for a GC in the Kirkland, WA area
Started by Nicolas Chambers
1 No_avatar_tiny Evan Higginbotham
5 days ago
Hole under the house
Started by Inderpal Chadha
9 No_avatar_tiny Leigh C
7 days ago
Internet gc participation
Started by Kesgn Kesgn
0 No_avatar_tiny Kesgn Kesgn
8 days ago
Contractor inspection
Started by Kesgn Kesgn
1 Tiny_1399367557-avatar-wakeproperties Chris Martin
8 days ago
Looking for solid contractor in Monterey County, Ca
Started by Matt Welch
0 Tiny_1399463005-avatar-mattw55 Matt Welch
9 days ago
Seeking Concrete Demolition and Hauling in Seattle
Started by Andrew Kniffin
0 Tiny_1400792922-avatar-swannyknif Andrew Kniffin
10 days ago
Looking for a Contractor in Abilene, TX
Started by Hector Fino
0 Tiny_1414527738-avatar-hfino01 Hector Fino
11 days ago
contractors in Hampton Roads
Started by Shaun Hicks
2 Tiny_1408629406-avatar-hickssc Shaun Hicks
11 days ago
Need Tile/Flooring contract and Cabinet Contractor in the League City area
Started by Steven Carr
0 Tiny_1411324751-avatar-stevencarr Steven Carr
11 days ago
The Magical Trick to Dealing with Contractors?
Started by Nat Chan
15 Tiny_1410359115-avatar-locklandman Mark Del Grosso
12 days ago
Tools and construction equipment for rent?
Started by Pablo Carvallo
0 Tiny_1399770127-avatar-carv1493 Pablo Carvallo
12 days ago
Would You Install Tile Immediately Following Foundation Repair?
Started by Daren H.
6 Tiny_1405299722-avatar-byronbch Byron Hoaglan
14 days ago
How to pay your contractor: T&M vs. quote based pricing
Started by Sean Peters
4 Tiny_1413581705-avatar-seanpeters Sean Peters
14 days ago
Houston Residential General Contractor Recommendations
Started by Maxxom Communications
0 No_avatar_tiny Maxxom Communications
14 days ago
Looking For House Cleaner In Sacramento
Started by Jordan T.
0 Tiny_1399701266-avatar-jordanthibodeau Jordan T.
16 days ago
Recommendations in Birmingham, AL
Started by Ward Conville
1 Tiny_1415311736-avatar-matt_manager Matt Leavell
17 days ago
Best sources to find contractors
Started by Ben Gus
2 Tiny_1399691702-avatar-dawnscircles LAUREEN YOUNGBLOOD
17 days ago

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