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Have a question about contractors? Looking to network with other contractors? These professionals are key to any rehab, to development, and much more. This is our forum for contractor related stuff.

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Estimating Repair Cost
Started by Precious Thompson
0 Tiny_1408887401-avatar-dthompson1603 Precious Thompson
2 days ago
Columbus, OH - Contractors
Started by Lee Foster
1 Tiny_1399861476-avatar-rthomas986 Richelle Thomas
3 days ago
I Am So Done With Handymen
Started by Arnie Guida
2 No_avatar_tiny Jassem A.
4 days ago
Contractor Fired, Now Attempting to Overcharge - Need Advice
Started by Lee Miles
7 Tiny_1399717480-avatar-cashnotebuyer Joe Gore
5 days ago
Midland / Odessa Texas Area
Started by Donald Hendricks
1 Tiny_1399654244-avatar-padreag Anthony Aguillard
7 days ago
Contractors from Angie's List?
Started by Bevla Reeves
12 Tiny_1407946118-avatar-mi George P.
12 days ago
Dryvit over Cinderblock? Good idea? Expensive?
Started by Andrew S.
13 Tiny_1399699980-avatar-euroswiss Andrew S.
12 days ago
Cost of add-on a bedroom?
Started by Joakim Esaiasson
3 Tiny_1399746409-avatar-joakimesa Joakim Esaiasson
14 days ago
how do i find good contractors ?
Started by Gabriel R.
1 Tiny_1399753479-avatar-realreturns Mike Alder
14 days ago
Discovery work or not? Replacement of panel tied to installation of new circuits
Started by Patrick M.
11 Tiny_1403726643-avatar-cincyservice John Whittle
16 days ago
Help! North Carolina Wholesale Contracts/Understanding Rehab Cost
Started by Willie Morgan
12 Tiny_1406133615-avatar-warrendh Warren Hemphill
17 days ago
Home build on raw land cost?
Started by Pat McGrath
3 No_avatar_tiny Pat McGrath
17 days ago
What does a good bookkeeper cost?
Started by John Blackman
24 Tiny_1399446944-avatar-johnblackman John Blackman
23 days ago
Price to build in Atlanta GA ?
Started by Alan Charles
11 Tiny_1399546122-avatar-londonboy Alan Charles
26 days ago
Need Contractor References in Philadelphia PA
Started by Paulette Midgette
5 Tiny_1406506310-avatar-phillyhomegirl Paulette Midgette
28 days ago
Hello, does anyone know about mold?
Started by Justin Harrell
9 Tiny_1405254884-avatar-kathleenleary Kathleen Leary
28 days ago
Started by Andy Shih
1 Tiny_1399698864-avatar-fritzbucyrus James Wise
29 days ago
Dallas area GC
Started by Anthony Aguillard
2 Tiny_1399654244-avatar-padreag Anthony Aguillard
30 days ago
questions for a property manager?
Started by Mark Ormerod
1 Tiny_1399699388-avatar-ecolegrove Elizabeth C.
30 days ago
Contractor/Subs raising prices
Started by Marcin Ferenc
16 Tiny_1399716450-avatar-matthewp Matthew Paul
about 1 month ago

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