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Welcome to the BiggerPockets New Member Introductions Forum -- a great place to tell everyone who you are and what kind of interest you have in Real Estate. We put together some tips and guidelines for introducing yourself, please take a minute to read them before you post yours.

Otherwise, if you're completely new to the site, be sure to check out our "Start Here" page for more information and be sure to peruse the following tutorials:

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Where in Pittsburgh to Invest?
Started by Dawn Wilkins
8 Tiny_1399742540-avatar-xavier0767 Francisco Ycaza
13 minutes ago
New Orleanian New Member
Started by Matt M.
0 No_avatar_tiny Matt M.
15 minutes ago
Hi, I'm Patrick!
Started by Patrick Rauland
1 Tiny_1411105789-avatar-dalegre Daniel Alegre
16 minutes ago
Essential Real Estate/Investing Books
Started by Jon McCarron
11 Tiny_1399430532-avatar-giovanni_i Giovanni Isaksen
31 minutes ago
New Agent/Aspiring Investor .... Upper Marlboro, MD
Started by Nicholas Jones
7 Tiny_1413736136-avatar-nickjones Nicholas Jones
35 minutes ago
New to BP - Looking at Florida to reenter REI - Help!
Started by Chris Aall
9 Tiny_1410077558-avatar-ziongro Daniel K Adderly
40 minutes ago
New in North Texas
Started by Mykeesha Taylor
3 Tiny_1409072710-avatar-renemartinez Rene Martinez
about 1 hour ago
New Ca and Tx 23 yrs in RE
Started by Kevin Bowlers
0 No_avatar_tiny Kevin Bowlers
about 1 hour ago
Investors from Toronto, Ontario
Started by Itsik Morin
2 Tiny_1399679561-avatar-montaa Aaron Montague
about 2 hours ago
Aloha from Honolulu soon to be in Augusta, GA
Started by Kevin Furst
10 No_avatar_tiny Shaine Cobb
about 2 hours ago
Getting started Wholesaling
Started by Troy Cole
14 Tiny_1413862373-avatar-troycole Troy Cole
about 2 hours ago
Multifamily investing in Working Class Neighborhoods (Rental Properties - Path to Home Ownership)
Started by Lafontant Cherilus
6 Tiny_1413921089-avatar-cherrygrove78 Lafontant Cherilus
about 2 hours ago
New introducing myself
Started by Vish Iyer
4 Tiny_1413407359-avatar-yogaandlove Vish Iyer
about 2 hours ago
Newbie from Staten Island, NY
Started by Elena F.
15 Tiny_1409322250-avatar-damonbodine Damon Bodine
about 3 hours ago
New Member from Valley Stream, NY
Started by Leah Johnson
6 Tiny_1413991575-avatar-acharleenj Leah Johnson
about 3 hours ago
Atlanta Metro Buy Fix and Hold Investor looking to grow.
Started by Terrence Smith
7 Tiny_1411418122-avatar-gagemilesnwa Gage Miles
about 3 hours ago
Looking for Cash Buyers in Spartanburg, SC
Started by Nelson Bridges
0 Tiny_1413403535-avatar-keyzbridges Nelson Bridges
about 4 hours ago

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