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Welcome to the BiggerPockets New Member Introductions Forum -- a great place to tell everyone who you are and what kind of interest you have in Real Estate. We put together some tips and guidelines for introducing yourself, please take a minute to read them before you post yours.

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Discussion Replies Last Post
Newbie from Hattiesburg, MS
Started by Gregory Tregre
8 No avatar tiny Last post by Charles Wood
9 minutes ago
Started by Justin jr Carrigan
6 Tiny 1433438606 avatar robs8 Last post by Rob Sasser
9 minutes ago
San Antonio Meetup
Started by Kalifa Lettine
2 Tiny 1438314483 avatar mentorme77 Last post by Kalifa Lettine
11 minutes ago
New Member from Philly
Started by Andrew Jervis
1 Tiny 1399586579 avatar alewilliamson Last post by Al Williamson
14 minutes ago
New From Greenbelt, MD
Started by Markees Lewis
1 Tiny 1399756181 avatar danivonj Last post by Danielle Jones
29 minutes ago
VERY new REI from San Jose, CA
Started by Aldwin De Torres
9 Tiny 1409757363 avatar fjr Last post by Frank R.
40 minutes ago
Massachusetts Wholesaler! Looking To Network!
Started by Daniel D.
5 Tiny 1437768883 avatar danquixote Last post by Daniel D.
about 1 hour ago
Newbie from Greeley, Colorado
Started by Morgan Wallace
0 Tiny 1438456789 avatar morganw1 Last post by Morgan Wallace
about 1 hour ago
I'm a Real Estate Agent/Property Manager in Tampa FL
Started by Adrian Castillo
1 Tiny 1429583861 avatar adrians1 Last post by Adrian Smude
about 2 hours ago
Semi-Newbie in Southern California
Started by Jenny Kim
3 Tiny 1423899005 avatar mysolo401k Last post by Mark Nolan
about 2 hours ago
Newbie from rock hill, south carolina.
Started by Alan Fragassi
6 Tiny 1414532861 avatar reitucker Last post by Brandon Tucker
about 2 hours ago
Florida Native - No Facebook! Now a RE Entrepreneur
Started by Cameron Rahe
1 Tiny 1418443056 avatar fortwayneinvest Last post by Jeremy Tillotson
about 2 hours ago
New member from Los Angeles, CA
Started by Ludmila Hill
7 Tiny 1399315588 avatar jonk Last post by Jon Klaus
about 2 hours ago
Hello BP! Newbie from Greeley, Colorado
Started by Michael Barone
10 Tiny 1438456789 avatar morganw1 Last post by Morgan Wallace
about 2 hours ago
New member from King of Prussia, PA
Started by Greg Ortlieb
6 Tiny 1403093793 avatar shawnmcd8 Last post by Shawn McDonald
about 4 hours ago
New Member from Humboldt County California
Started by Tiffany Ward
9 Tiny 1399315588 avatar jonk Last post by Jon Klaus
about 4 hours ago

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