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What was discovered was during our grade school years we were all subjected to negative stigmas and perceived outlooks when it comes to mobile homes. Like many other misguided lessons we were directly taught or came to learn through osmosis in school or a home your mobile home outlook has likely been corrupted all these years.

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“Am I able to purchase a mobile home that needs repairs and resell the home for a profit without making any of the repairs on the home before reselling?” The short answer is Yes, however let us dive deep into this question/answer to find out why this is and how value is created with regards to mobile homes.

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Today we’re going to discuss how one aspect of park life can help you build much more credibility and word of mouth appreciation between yourself and local residence, park owners, and park managers. This post is written with the intention for mainly helping individual investors buying, holding, and selling individual mobile homes inside these pre-established mobile home parks.

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Mobile homes and manufactured homes offer investors a great deal of flexibility and affordability when it comes to generating profits and creating value between buyers and seller. In this week’s article we will be focusing on some of the benefits to touring your city’s local manufactured home builders, dealer showrooms, and mobile home repossession lots.