How to Create an Awesome Lead Generating Website in Under an Hour with No Technical Abilities

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“Gather ’round people Wherever you roam
And admit that the waters Around you have grown
And accept it that soon You’ll be drenched to the bone
If your time to you Is worth savin’
Then you better start swimmin’ Or you’ll sink like a stone
For the times they are a-changin’ ” – Bob Dylan

Like the words in this classic Dylan song poetically state – the times are changing. If you don’t keep up – you’ll be left behind from those who are swimming faster than you. Of course, what I’m referring to is your use of technology in today’s rapidly changing world, and more specifically – your use of a website.

Lately, there has been a TON of conversations around BiggerPockets about building a lead generating website. Frankly – you already know you need a website for your real estate investing business (or whatever business you might be in,) and you probably realize that you are losing business because of it. So, in keeping with the many other ultimate guides I’ve written here on BiggerPockets, today I want to walk you through – step by step – how to make a killer lead generating website for your real estate business.

If you want to skip reading this whole post, and would rather watch a video on how to do all this – just watch the YouTube video below. Both the video and the post have pretty much the same info – so you can use the method you like best for learning!

Before We Begin Website Building

I know you are exicted to get started with building your website, but first I wanted to let you know 3 important things:

Is this the only way to make a website?

No, this is not the only way to make a website. In fact, there are lots of options, from pure HTML, Worpress, Jumla, and more. However, the method in this post is the easiest method that I know for someone who may not have a ton of experience working with website technology. I’m going to be showing you how to create a website using – which is my current favorite drag-and-drop technology because:

  1. It’s really easy
  2. It looks really nice.

Also a brief disclosure – the links in this post to are “affiliate links” which means that BiggerPockets actually makes a referral fee if you build your website after clicking one of the links. However, the price for you isn’t any different through Wix if you do or don’t go through our links. Obviously – we would love if you help support BiggerPockets by clicking the link, but if you just want to type in into your browser and skip helping us out – that’s cool too. I still recommend this service 100%, even if BiggerPockets wasn’t rewarded for it.

Do I need to be tech-savvy?

Not at all. This tutorial is the easiest method I know for creating a website. There is no coding, html, or design skills needed. If you can operate a keyboard and mouse – you’ll be fine.

Does it cost any money?

Yes and No. offers both free and paid websites. With a free site, your website will have a domain name that looks something like this: “” This doesn’t look so hot. However, a paid website looks more like this: “ Much better. Plus, the free one has ads, which kinda defeat the purpose of your website. So personally, I’d 1000% recommend you get the paid version. However – the paid version is really actually cheap – like under $10 a month cheap. So quit your whining about how much it costs, because you spend more than that on Starbucks each week (okay… maybe that’s me.)

The awesome thing is – you can build your site completely before deciding to pay for the site. So go ahead- follow along with me today and I’ll show you how to build a lead generating website. In one hour from now, you can have a fully functioning, lead generating site that will be driving motivated buyers or sellers (whatever you are looking for.)

How is this tutorial going to work?

Below, I’m going to walk you step by step through my process of creating a “we buy houses” kind of website to point motivated sellers to in my real estate investment business, though you can follow the same steps to create any kind of website you wanted. My plan is to start a direct mail campaign, marketing to motivated sellers in my county, and I will be including the website on all the marketing material. In today’s world – people like to check out a website before making a phone call, so the website will simply present more details to encourage the seller to either call me or send me an online message. I’ll explain both in more detail later.

This tutorial is going to go in painstaking detail about exactly how to set this thing up. You might get ahead of me – and that’s cool. Play around with it and have some fun. That’s one of the reasons I like so much – it’s easy to play with.

Let’s get started!

Planning Your Website

Before you start building your site, I’d encourage you to first decide what you actually want on your website. To do this, I’d actually recommend you step backwards in technology and pick up a pen and paper. Check out a few ideas online of similar websites that you want to be more like. I’m not suggesting (and in fact, I’m telling you not to) that you should copy someone else’s site. However, coming up with a list of things you want or don’t want is important and scoping out other people’s sites is a great way to do this.

If you are building a lead-gen site like me, here are a few lead-generating websites you to get some ideas from:

Karen Rittenhouse’s Lead Gen Site
Danny Johnson’s Lead Gen Site
Jason and Katherine Grote’s Lead Gen Site

For my site, I noticed I want to include the following:

  • An email contact form
  • A welcome paragraph, introducing myself and my company
  • A picture of me and my wife
  • A frequently asked questions section
  • A “how it works” section
  • I want to talk about different reasons they might be selling (probate, divorce, etc)
  • An “about us” section
  • Maybe a video some day

Now that I have my list together of what I want my site to look like, let’s move over to and start building.

How to Get Started Building Your Website with Wix

Let’s get started by navigating to Wix – which you can get to by clicking here (it will open in a separate browser tab, so you won’t lose your place here.) The photo below is a screenshot of Keep in mind – the images I use in this tutorial may be slightly different than what you see, as may change their design. However, I will try to keep this post updated with any major changes.

Wix Website

Obviously, start by clicking “Start Now” to begin creating your website. You will be prompted to sign up by entering your email address and password. After this, the fun begins. You will now need to select a template to build your site around.

Wix TemplatesOne of the reasons I like so much is the beautifully designed templates you can choose from. Notice in the screenshot below – you can choose a category, such as the ones I have selected – but I want to encourage you not to get stuck just in one category, because you’ll be changing all the words and pictures on the page anyways – so it doesn’t really matter if the original template is designed for a Bakery, a law firm, or any other kind of business. Choose a template that you like and you think will stand out to those coming to your website.

For the example in this tutorial, I’m going to use the “Handyman” template because … well, I just like it. I’m a fan of the color scheme and simple layout, and I can visualize how it would look with a “I want to buy your house” theme and message. So, selecting “EDIT” you’ll be taken to the Wix Editor, probably in a different browser tab.

Below is what the original looks like:


Obviously – we need to make some changes. But before we do – I want to show you exactly how to change things with Wix.

Editing Your Website in Wix

You’ll probably notice that, once you are in the editor, you can simply double click on any text on the page and edit the words. It’s really very simple – go ahead and try it.

You can also move things around by just clicking and dragging the items around. For example, if I don’t want to move the large red “We are only a phone call away” box – all I need to do is click anywhere on the red and drag it to a new position. However, – be careful not to click near the words, because then you’ll just be moving the words around, not the entire red box. Once you start playing with it, it will come pretty natural to you.

At this point, you can start making your site look more personalized. Here’s how…

Navigating the Editor

To navigate around your site through the editor, let me introduce you to the Wix Editor Icon Bar. On the top right corner of the editor, notice there is the following small set of icons, which is your basic editing tools. Below is a description of what each icon represents.


shadow_image_107557The first icon, the “Pages” icon, will be your navigation center around your site. You probably want more than just one page on your site, so click the “pages icon” to see the following window pop-up (see right—>)

To add a page, big surprise, just click “Add Page.” To navigate between different pages, simply click the page you want to go to. Notice that my pages currently are listed at “Home” “Services” “Testimonials” “About” and “Contact.”

I want to keep the “Contact” page, and the “About page” and “Testimonials” might even be okay (if I want to go through the process of collecting testimonials – which I may hold off on for now.)

However- I don’t want a page that says “Services” – so let’s change the name.

To change the name, hover over the page on the tab to the right and click the small “gear” next to the name of the page, which will open up a small page allowing you to change the name of that page. You can also change the “Page Address” which essentially means the specific url – so becomes (if I wanted to change “services” to “FAQs”)

Take a moment and search through the available options to see what Wix is capable of. Pretty much everything you’d want to do to your site you can, through these five icons.

Changing Photos in Wix

PhotobeforeafterUnless you want to use the photo of the male model in the tool belt – you probably want to change photos. This is also really simple to do.

Step One: Click the image you want to replace

Step Two: Select “change image”

Step Three: Select “upload image”

Step Four: Choose the photo from your computer

Step Five: Select “okay” – and position your photo!

Add a Contact Form

By this point, you’ve learned how to change the text, change the images, move things around, create or edit pages, and make your site look great. It shouldn’t take very long to write some good text that will let people know exactly what you are offering and how they should proceed.

However – your whole website is rather useless if you don’t have a way for potential sellers to reach you. The best way to get motivated sellers to contact you is through:
a.) The telephone
b.) A contact form

Obviously, the telephone is easy. I will put my number in the giant red box on the top of the page, as well as numerous places within the text as I write the words on my page. However, the contact form is a just a little more complicated – but still not too bad. makes it very easy to incorporate. Use the following steps to add a contact form to your site, so when a customer fills it out, you are sent an email with their information.

Step One: Decide where you will put it. I am going to put mine on the right side of the page, below the photo in the main text “body” area of the website.

Step Two: Click the “+” icon on the Wix Editor Icon Bar and scroll down and select “Apps” followed by “Contact Form”


Step Three: Move the contact form where you want, and make it the size you want by dragging the corners.

shadow_image_105071Step Four: Click the form and select “Settings” to specify what email you want the form sent to

Step Five: Click the form and select “Change Style” to

Step Six: Click the form and select “Show on All Pages” if you want the form to show on all pages of your site.

Step Seven: Add text above the contact form. You want to ensure your website visitors are encouraged to fill out the form in full – so be sure to let them know exactly what to do with the form. To add text above the contact form, simply navigate to the Wix Editor Icon Bar and click the “+” Add icon and click “Text.”

Publishing Your Wix Site

To publish your site, simply click the “Publish” button at the top right corner – and like that- your site is live to the world! However, as we discussed in the beginning – your website probably has a terrible, long name. Mine was “” which … well, it sucks. I’m never going to feel comfortable giving that domain name out to a potential home seller, and I definitely don’t want “” advertisements all over my page.

So – at this point I HIGHLY recommend you upgrade your account – but don’t worry, it’s probably much cheaper than you think.

Below is a chart of the different options you have for a Wix site: - Manage Premium

I always recommend people choose either the Yearly Unlimited or Yearly Combo.


Two Words: Free Advertising

When you pay for an annual site, you get free advertising credits for Facebook, Google, Yahoo, and more. Right now, you get $50 to spend with Facebook ads and another $75 to spend on Google Ads.

This post is long enough, so I don’t have time to go into the specifics on this kind of marketing – but let me just say it’s very important. To learn more about using this kind of advertising, check out my very first post I ever wrote for the BiggerPockets Blog – Using Facebook Advertising to Super-Charge Your Real Estate Investing.

Additionally, when you pay for either of these two options, you get a free domain name with it – meaning you don’t have to have a crazy, ugly domain name – you can actually be something simple like “”

To get your domain name, simply pay for your Wix account, follow the instructions, submit your credit card payment, and then search for your domain name in the screen below:


Final Example of My We Buy Houses Website

Alright – so I wanted to show you the final look of the site. This is my new, official lead generating website for my county. Feel free to check it out at to get ideas and use whatever you want for your website. Heck – copy the whole thing, I don’t care! (however, please change words like “Grays Harbor” and spin the words so it’s not the exact same – cause Google doesn’t like duplicate content and will penalize both of us!)

Here’s the final site, after some color changes (keep in mind – I’ll still be working on this site, improving it over the coming weeks. But, for an hour of work – I don’t think it’s too shabby. What do you think?)


Your Next Step

Okay – hopefully you now know everything you need to build yourself an awesome lead generating website for cheap in the next hour. There’s nothing stopping you, so take an hour right now and build your site.

Click the Wix picture below to go to right now and start building your website!


If you have any questions – feel free to leave them below and I (or others) will do our best to help! And finally –

Please share this article on your Facebook! There are a lot of people out there paying a lot of money to build websites – and they don’t need to spend all that cash! So please, if you liked this article -share it!

And final questions:

What do you like about the site I built above? What don’t you like? Do you have any suggestions for me to make it better? Leave your comments below!

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Brandon Turner

Brandon Turner is an active real estate investor, entrepreneur, writer, and co-host of the BiggerPockets Podcast. He began buying rental properties and flipping houses at age 21, discovering he didn’t need to work 40 years at a corporate job to have β€œthe good life.” Today, with nearly 100 rental units and dozens of rehabs under his belt, he continues to invest in real estate while also showing others the power, and impact, of financial freedom. His writings have been featured on,,, Money Magazine, and numerous other publications across the web and in print media. He is the author of The Book on Investing in Real Estate with No (and Low) Money Down, The Book on Rental Property Investing, and co-author of The Book on Managing Rental Properties, which he wrote alongside his wife, Heather, and How to Invest in Real Estate, which he wrote alongside Joshua Dorkin. A life-long adventurer, Brandon (along with Heather and daughter Rosie) splits his time between his home in Washington State and various destinations around the globe.


    • Brandon Turner

      Hey Sean,

      I believe you can – but I probably wouldn’t. There are much better options for blogging – through the WordPress platform. It’s a little more tech complicated (not much), but I think if you wanted to be a blogger, it’s a much easier options in the long run than Wix. I’m planning on a WordPress tutorial soon as well.

      Thanks for reading! Hit me up on PM system for tips on getting your WordPress blog going!

    • I wanted to get an answer from a different older post so decided to post my question here. You had mentioned how to find a home buyer for your flip ( i think) anyway you mentioned a buying funnel going backwards ( in your thinking for setting it up) however you went back to the website but having a website means nothing until traffic is driven to it Qualified/Targeted traffic.

      So here is my question:
      What ( home buyer) criteria did you put into…. what search system eg: face book, etc…to be able to market your webpage tor those interested in buying a home?

      Hope you can understand what I am asking. Thank you, Geri

  1. Hi Brandon, looks great. I understand it’s a demo, but I just noticed some small typos on the home page.

    2nd paragraph – “no repairs requires” should be “no repairs required” and “repairs costs” should be “repairs” or “repair costs”

    I like the color scheme too. Like your comments stated earlier…Wordpress and Joomla are good too.

  2. As a technologist by day, I commend you for providing this kind of guidance for the non-techs out there. Nice looking site too!

    Onee minor things the anal retentive in me wants to point out – hassle is spelled wrong in the welcome message πŸ˜‰

    Thanks for sharing!

  3. Jason Grote

    Brandon, the site you built looks great… It is clean and obvious what you are advertising. I like all of the choices at the bottom of the page. Anyone selling a house should be spoken to there. You may get too busy to write blog posts with all of the leads you’re going to generate! Thanks for the unexpected plug on our site too.

  4. John Thedford on

    Thanks Brandon. Your article is excellent and I am now almost done with my site. Wix is very easy to use. Once we get the product finished I might like to post it on BP for a critique. As you know, a site for generating strictly sellers or strictly buyers is going to have a lot of the same material ideas. We did strive to do our own thing, use own own ideas and verbage, I say “we” because I got help from my daughter and wife as far as color schemes and design because I am horrible with those:). I incorporated a toll free number that rings to my cell phone to make it easy for anyone to call –even from a pay phone. Hopefully “we” LOL–meaning my daughter and wife will have it ready to publish in a couple days. is the URL I got registered because that is the main area I am currently targeting. Thanks Brandon!

    • Brandon Turner

      Hey John- Awesome! I believe there is a thread in the Forums right now for “Critique my Website” but if not, maybe we’ll have to start another for those who build one after reading this. Let me know how it turns out!

  5. Jerry Puckett on

    Great Stuff Brandon! Thanks for the plug, BTW. Where were you 3 years ago ? I started out with one of those cookie cutter out of the box websites. But it came with ZERO support. When things inevitably started to break, I had to learn to fix them on my own, and that’s how I learned web design. I personally prefer more customization and love the power of WordPress. But for the time and money spent to get a site this neat and clean, you can’t beat Wix.

      • Jerry Puckett on

        John, I think posting my url here would be violating the rules, but if you look up higher in this post, Brandon linked to my site and several others as examples. Or you could follow the link in my Gravatar hover card. And you’re right about getting different ideas. I scan the web daily looking at dozens of sites to try to keep abreast of what’s current, and which style elements might be getting tired.

        • John Thedford on

          That’s great. I posted mine above…hope that isn’t a no-no. Will definitely check yours out. Thanks for sharing.

  6. Brilliant video Brandon,

    I know this will help a ton of investors who have yet to get online. Great video with the music and fast cuts, great editing. Will you be starting a complete internet series breaking down other aspects of running a website?

    John Fedro

  7. Excellent informative article and video Brandon. I’m in the beginning stages of my REI “career”, and am still trying to figure out the best way to go to put my business online.

    I think the Wix thing would be great to just get something up on the internet fast, but since I’ve got some WordPress experience and a few IM sites up, that’s probably the way I’ll go.

    Here’s a link to a free WordPress theme for real estate investors that I recently found, and it might be helpful to others on BiggerPockets.

    Rock on bro,


    • Brandon Turner

      Hey Jim, thanks! I agree, WordPress is much more robust, so I use it on most of my stuff. The thing I like about Wix is that I don’t need to have any design skills to make it look good – cause wix pays designers to make nice templates! Granted, WordPress has the same but the good looking templates cost money too.

      Thanks for the tip on LeadTheme too! Great to know.

  8. Thank you for your post Brandon, it was well written and illustrated.

    Wix is certainly a breeze to use, no worries there!

    One topic that was not commented on was Web site search optimization. Once a site is created will an appropriated query find a Wix created site using key words? What if anything does Wix do ho help optimize one’s site?

    Best regards,


    • Brandon Turner

      Hey Nick,

      Thanks! And yes, Wix does have a SEO Optimizing feature, which helps you walk through the site and optimize it for better rankings in Google. Not sure how great it is – BUT I just looked and I rank #1 for “we buy houses grays harbor” and it’s only been one day. Granted, there isn’t any competition, but it’s still nice to see πŸ™‚

  9. Wix is nice. Just one problem: The end product is not a responsive design website.

    Why is that important?

    Becuase it’s not optimized for mobile users!

    Your Wix mobile site is built separably…and it sucks.

    Also, if you let them register your domain name, I suggest that you ask them for the renewal rates for the domain. I had to email them five — yes five times — before they responded.

    Just go to and check out your standard site in Wix.

    I built a site in both Wix and Squarespace. Squarespace templates are pure responsive design templates, which adapt perfectly to mobile deivices, and the support crushes Wix. These people are sharp, really sharp.

    • Brandon Turner

      Hey RJ- I actually looked into SquareSpace originally, but I didn’t like their options for layouts. I thought they all looked to “modern” and “Bloggy” which I wanted to avoid. But if it works for you – more power to ya! And Wix does not optimize for mobile, it just displays the regular looking website without altering it – which is 100% okay for this kind of thing (I wouldn’t say the regular looking site “sucks” – it just looks the exact same as the desktop version does. For a site people are going to spend 30 seconds on and then call – I think it’s cool. Anyways – thanks for the comment and your thoughts!

  10. Melodee Lucido on

    What FUN Brandon!

    I’ve just been thinking I neeeed to do this. There are only so many hours in the day—-and most of mine are spent talking to buyers and sellers but this looks pretty easy for one of those nights when I can’t sleep cuz I’m soooo excited about my biz . . . like tonight.

    Some people like to hang out at bars late at night; I like to cruise BP : >

    I reallllly like the site you created; it’s very engaging. Sweet pic of you and your honey.
    I’m inspired! When I’m ready I’ll definitely use the link provided.

    Thanks so much for helping me get over my tech resistance.

  11. I’ve used a template site (InetUSA) that wasn’t too hard to figure out. But it costs $40/mo. I haven’t changed primarily because 1) hopeful though it is, there’s really no such thing as a “one hour website,” and I don’t have time to learn another system and 2) so I can have a secure application form for renters and buyers to apply online. Can Wix give me one of those? If so, I’m open to a change. Thanks.

    • Brandon Turner

      Hey thanks for the comment!

      I really think a person could do this site in an hour – especially if they just use the same language I put in my above site. Just copy, paste, and change the words to make it fit. The design could probably be done in half hour or less. And yes – you can include forms on Wix, but it’s a little more tech complicated (not too much, but some.) Basically, you would have to create an HTML based form on another site (there are lots of free ones out there) and use the code to paste into Wix. Maybe I’ll do a tutorial on that sometime!



  12. Kelly Payne on

    Hey Brandon – I read your article tonight and set to work. It only took me 4 hours, which is better than I hoped for, considering how well I usually do with technology. But your tutorial was thorough and easy to understand and bam! I’m published.

    Here’s the link:

    Please let me know if it’s too similar to yours – I all but copied and pasted.

    Thanks so much for this article – I’ve been putting off a website for 2 years!

    • Brandon Turner

      Hey Kelly – the site looks awesome! I don’t care that it looks like mine – I think it’s great! Well done. Now be sure to claim those advertising credits and get on Facebook and start marketing to people in your area!

      • Thanks for the feedback Brandon. And I’ll be sure to tackled those ad credits. Do you have a list of keywords you recommend? (I’m guessing I’ll have to start with keywords…)

        • Brandon Turner

          Hey Kelly,

          With Google adwords, I’d target words like “We buy houses (you city name” or “sell house fast “your city name.”) But for Facebook – I’d target people between 25-75 who live in your town.

          Good luck! Be sure to set caps and ending dates, so you don’t quickly blow a budge while you are learning how to use it. It’s easy to do!

  13. Hey Brandon, great post, really liked how you broke down the process step by step! I might of missed it but does Wix have unlimited domain hosting?

    • Brandon Turner

      Hey Anthony, thanks! And no -the biggest downside for Wix is you only get 1 domain (as far as I know.) So for people who are looking for multiple, it’s probably better to go with WordPress on a BlueHost plan or something. I may do a tutorial on that some day actually. Thanks for reading.

    • Brandon Turner

      Haha thanks Arthur. Yes – it looks strangely familiar. I might change mine up a bit in the future but it just looks so good. However – I had the hardest time making my text sound as good as yours, but I refused to directly copy it. Yours is far better, but this will work for now.

  14. Brandon,
    your post has inspired me (and others I hope) to build my website and move forward. I have a question for you when you want to give people something to click on like an “ebook for free” how do you go about doing that? where do you find & how do you add something clickable to your site?
    Thanks in advance!

    • Brandon Turner

      Hey Anthony,

      You will install a sign up form on your site through a company like MailChimp, which is free if you have less than 2000 subscribers. Set MailChimp up to re-direct people, immediately after signing up, to an ebook that you upload to your site.

      For example, try the sign up form directly below any BiggerPockets Blog post (above the comments section.)

      Hope that helps!

      • Brandon,
        thanks for the info. it will help me. Where would you suggest I find RE ebooks to upload? I’ve searched but may be missing something as I have had no luck.

        • Brandon Turner

          Hey Anthony – you gotta write em! πŸ™‚ Really, it’s actually very simple. Write up something like “10 Mistakes Most Home Sellers Make,” make it look pretty with nice fonts, colors, etc, and then upload it to your site!

          For a great example of exactly how to do this – and the one I copied for mine – check out

          Good luck!

  15. john milliken on

    been working on a wix website slowly over the last week, and i received a email that gives you 72 hours to activate your website, and receive $50 off the unlimited package. that will be $99 for the first year, the same price for the combo package. not sure if wix adds up time spent on making site or days past when you sign up a account to get $50 off email. either way, sweetness!
    thanks brandon for finding, and posting about wix.

  16. here’s another option for a discount. Before I purchased my unlimited plan I googled WIX coupons and found a killer 50% off coupon, typed in the code at check out and BAM paying $74.52 for the year. My site is up & running but will continue to edit (drop down menu, video pictures etc) and update daily.

  17. Hi Brandon, I came across your tutorial while searching for help tips for wix. I’m transitioning from contractor to Realtor and wanted to build a simple site.
    Do you know if wix allows the ability to put an IDX property search function on the site?

    Also, I already have a domain name which I have to change (apparently I’m not allowed to use “MLS” in my url). Will I be able to redirect any traffic to my original url to the url I choose on wix?

    Great tutorial! Thanks for the help!

    • Brandon Turner

      Hey John,

      Thanks for reaching out. I’m not too sure if you can do the IDX thing, honestly, but I know you can include “raw html” which means you can do almost anything. If IDX companies can give you some raw html, it might work (I don’t really know the tech side of this stuff! )

      Thanks John!

  18. Yo Brandon
    Great article and video as usual
    I intend to build a Wix seller website
    The whole SEO thing is a gray area for me
    Will Wix provide good SEO at a reasonable price?
    As a practical matter can a competant VA virtual assistant provide good SEO?
    Would would should I expect to budget or pay monthly for effective SEO to get traffic to my seller website in a limited geographical area such as Pasadena Calif,,I think it would be smart to be area specific for starters,
    I hate to say it Brandon but Ive already spent money on seller websites with very little response
    Please advise
    Dave Doyle
    Monrovia Calif

    • Brandon Turner

      Hey Dave, thanks so much! As for SEO, I know Wix claims to be great at it, and my site did rank very quickly for the terms I wanted it to (but I have no competition.) Perhaps I’ll write a post on SEO for folks soon! You can also outsource your SEO to someone from or – for a reasonable price.

      Or, forget SEO and work on Outbound… Google and Facebook ads!

      Best of luck!

  19. Uyenchi Ho

    Hi there,

    I thought I’d jump on your coattail and ask a question regarding building my website. I’ve looked into WordPress, and then there’s GoDaddy (which now has a pretty good promotion), and now I’ve just learned about from this article. Has anyone used Godadday, and how does that compare to WordPress and Wix? Maybe a quick list of pros and cons of each would be very helpful.

    Thank you so much!

  20. Ana Orsini

    Brandon, thanks for the excellent article. I am a new investor and am getting soooo much from the podcasts and Bigger Pockets as a whole. And, from this excellent book I just read – The Book on Investing in RE with No or Low Money Down by you-know-who. Because of it and another blog of yours on best books on RE to read, I am now in the process of reading 3 of Peter Conti and David Finkel’s books (1 down, 2 to go). On your suggestion, I also bought “Investing in Duplexes, Triplexes and Quads” by Larry Loftis (this is where I really want to grow) and Napoleon Hill’s “Think and Grow Rich”. Thanks so much for pointing me in the right direction. I appreciate you!

  21. Hi, thanks for this very useful blog. In the paid version, does WIX allow storing of pages which interact with files (txt or xml) in the same folder. I want my users to store and retrieve some very tiny data which would be stored in either xml or txt file and will be retrieved using jQuery/json etc.

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