17 Reasons Not To Give Up On Real Estate Investing

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If you’re part of the BiggerPockets community, you already know there are some awesome opportunities in real estate.

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It’s a profession like no other, with amazing potential to build wealth and financial freedom.

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…but sometimes the journey can be difficult, and it’s not uncommon to feel “burnt-out” on real estate investing.

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So how can you find the strength to keep going when you’re mentally exhausted and ready to give up?

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1. First of all – let’s acknowledge that it’s okay to have bad days…      we’ve all been there.

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2. Even the most successful investors experience regular setbacks in their journey.

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3. Sure, the learning process can be time-consuming. It might even leave you feeling drained of all energy and motivation.

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4. …but don’t forget about the excitement you felt during your first week as an investor!

my first week as a real estate investor
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5. Do you remember the thrill of closing on your first profitable deal?

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6. If you haven’t experienced it yet, TRUST ME – it’s worth the trouble.

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7. You don’t need a builder’s license to start making money in real estate.

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8. With the right connections and relationships, you can have sellers calling YOU.

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9. There is always opportunity for real estate investors. Even when the market is doing this:

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10. With enough experience, you can start identifying motivated sellers within the first few minutes of conversation.

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11. It’s an amazing feeling when you make an offer to someone and they say “Yes”.

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12. That first taste of success can change your whole outlook about life. Your boss might even wonder what’s gotten into you.

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13. If you stay consistent and stick to your strategy, your banker and accountant will be amazed when they see your rapidly-growing bank account.

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14. It’s important to recognize that when someone is trying to discourage your dream…  this is usually how they feel about their own day job.

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15. After all, it doesn’t feel good to wake up each morning and realize you’re still poor and broke, with no options in life.

brokeSource: ebaumsworld.com

16. Remember, you’re on the path to a retirement that looks like this…

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17. …and there is nothing better than when someone says you can’t do something – and then you do it.

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Seth Williams

Seth Williams (@retipsterseth , G+) is an experienced land investor, commercial real estate banker and residential income property owner. He is also the Founder of REtipster.com - a real estate investing blog providing real world guidance for part time real estate investors.


  1. my favorite is number 17. EVERYONE in my life except my wife basically has told me I couldn’t do what I have now accomplished. It’s so hard to not go back and push it in peoples faces but I have taken the higher ground and just let it go..

    But WOW what a great feeling it is.

    I can relate to the times when you feel like giving up. I’ve been there recently. I am in that hump where things seemed to come to a complete halt. This article helps remind you of the good feelings and rewards from your hard work and effort.

    Great Post Seth!!!

  2. Silvestre Madrid on

    Too many times I feel like Michael Cera there falling on the floor from my W2 lol. Every day is a step toward that number 16, thank you for the encouragement and the laughs!

  3. Such an awesome post. I really needed this today! I haven’t done my first deal yet, feeling overwhelmed with all the information and knowledge I need to acquire, and was just laid off my job, so I’m taking your word for it, Seth! 😉

    • Hang in there Jane. Stay strong and get educated about what moves you need to take in this business. You can definitely get yourself off to a strong start, but remember – it won’t happen until you take action. Best of luck to you!

  4. The information you provided was very helpful but I’m looking for an example of process and procedures that an investor should have. I am a visual learner and need to see an example but I can’t find any. Do you have or know where I can find one. Thank You

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