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Becoming a Real Estate Mentor Changed My Business (& Personal) Life: Here’s How

Becoming a Real Estate Mentor Changed My Business (& Personal) Life: Here’s How

3 min read
Brett Snodgrass

Brett Snodgrass is CEO of Simple Wholesaling and has been a full-time real estate investor for 10+ years. He speciali...

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When I was a child, all I wanted to do when I grew up was to become a teacher or an NBA basketball player.

At 6’0″ tall and with not much of a vertical jump, the NBA didn’t have any spots for me, so teaching became the most reasonable option. Prior to my career in real estate, everything in my background was preparing me to be an educator. But once my path changed course, I never really had an outlet for it.

I have always had the heart of a teacher. When I see someone grow into the potential that I see inside of them, something comes alive within me.

In all the years that I have been a real estate wholesaler, I have never had the opportunity to use my gift as a teacher until I decided to step up as a mentor for someone else. I have to be honest—it has literally changed everything for me!

Becoming a Mentor

Last year, I was approached by a guy named Stephen Barton, who found me here on BiggerPockets. At first, he just had some basic questions for me since we were from the same area. Then one thing led to another, and Stephen ended up bringing me a deal that he wanted to partner on. From there, our relationship developed, and I was able to help guide him from knowing very little about this business to becoming a force to be reckoned with.

In today’s post, I want to address the benefits of stepping up as a mentor for others in the real estate industry. There are a ton of resources here on BiggerPockets addressing why newbies need to find a mentor, but there isn’t a lot addressing the mentor and how they can benefit from this kind of relationship.

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Mentoring has changed everything for my business. To tell you the truth, before Stephen my business was in a very stagnant and stale place. I was very comfortable simply doing everything the same way I had been doing it for years. And in a lot of ways, I was bored.

When we connected, he breathed new passion and life into my business. He brought a freshness and excitement that I can only compare to that of a child. My son Ethan is two years old, and since he is brand new to the world, the simplest things excite him. For example, if I give him a ball—it’s game over! He is laughing and so incredibly happy. And though it’s simple, when I see his excitement, it also gets me excited.

When I saw Stephen get excited about his first lead, then his first deal, then his first paycheck, it gave so much more meaning to my business. No longer do I run my business just for me, but now I do it for the success of others. It gives me such a sense of purpose.

A Mutually Beneficial Relationship

Real estate is an ever-evolving and changing business. Real estate investors like me love to do the same thing over and over again, but sometimes our practices end up not working as well as they used to. When Stephen and I first partnered, though he didn’t have as much direct real estate experience, he had a better handle on modern technology and improved practices for us.

When you bring on a new “mentee,” you bring fresh eyes to your business, and they can help you make it better. Technology has changed everything in our world. Bringing someone who is hungry under your guidance and direction in exchange for their knowledge of how to harness the power of modern technology can be extremely influential for your business.

Because they are hungry, they also will bring you new connections, new relationships, and new deals. Do you see how leveraging the excitement and passion of new aspiring investors can truly expand your and your business’s horizons?

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I have seen Stephen become something great this past year. Now he is skillfully flying on his own, and I currently have a new person I’ve taken under my wing. Since my connection with Stephen, I have decided always to have at least one person I am mentoring in the context of real estate. And today, I want to offer a challenge to all the experienced real estate investors to do the same thing.

If you feel as though your business or your life is stagnant and you are in need of a boost of passion, I encourage you to take on someone who is looking to get their start. I promise it will change everything, and more importantly, stepping up as a mentor is an incredible way to give back.

There is no better way to find fulfillment then to give back.

Investors: Have you ever mentored someone in real estate? Why did you choose to mentor, and what was your experience like?

Let me know with a comment!