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5 Sentences Real Estate Investors MUST Avoid for Success [Video!]

Chris Clothier
2 min read
5 Sentences Real Estate Investors MUST Avoid for Success [Video!]

The real estate investing world is full of long lists. As bloggers and real estate writers, we love to write lists. We have lists of things to do daily. Lists of things to do monthly. Lists of things to say. Lists of things not to say. Lists of things to do and even lists of things not to do. I think you get the point!

As the owner of one of the top turnkey real estate companies in the country, I am lucky that I get to have a lot of interaction with investors. I love talking with other investors, no matter their experience level. What is surprising is that all of us can get into little ruts where we need reminders. No matter our experience level in life or investing, these ruts can hit us in all aspects of our lives, and they can affect our mindset.

I was recently asked a question from a real estate investor about mindset. They were questioning their own inability to get over the hump and stay motivated, positive, and moving forward. The grind was wearing on them, and they were questioning whether or not to keep moving forward as an investor.

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Much of the issue had to do with the language they were using. I jotted ideas down during our conversation that turned into a video that I thought many other investors could use. Grab a pad and pen, and jot down these five sentences that you need to avoid if you want to be successful, not simply as an investor, but in anything you take on in life!

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5 Sentences Real Estate Investors Must Avoid

Successful people, not just successful real estate investors, are very careful with their words. They make sure to let these words come out of their mouths. They also surround themselves with people who avoid this language as well. Here are the five sentences you MUST AVOID!

  1. “I am too busy.”
  2. “I do not have enough experience.”
  3. “I am waiting for the right time.”
  4. “I don’t have the money.”
  5. “I can’t!”

If you can avoid or remove these sentences, phrases, and even thoughts, you will be putting your mindset in the right frame and pointing yourself in the right direction.

What phrases do you avoid as a successful real estate investor?  

Be sure and share below for all of the readers to compile an incredible resource for other readers to turn to when they need a little reminder.

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