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30-Second Trick to Double Your Success in Real Estate Investing

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Do you have a few seconds to spare? I’m betting you do, and this is definitely worth it!

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What if you could DOUBLE your chance of succeeding in real estate—and your odds of crushing any other goal—by doing just one simple thing?

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Is “Life Getting in the Way” of Accomplishing Tasks?

Often times, day-to-day things that seem urgent (but are actually far from it) prevent us from working toward big picture goals. But there’s an easy way to stop wasting so much time on mundane tasks in order to direct your energy to way more important things.

By taking just a few seconds to jot a couple of things down, you’re nearly twice as likely to actually do whatever it is you’re trying to do.

How do I know? Science! That’s right, studies have proven this super simple action is extremely effective.

So, carve a few seconds out of your day, start doing this now, and watch your productivity shoot up!

Have you tried this? Does it work? What other simple tricks have made you more productive or successful?

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    Katie Rogers from Santa Barbara, California
    Replied over 1 year ago
    Lose the “this weird trick to lose belly fat” approach and I might give the podcast a listen. I would even be more inclined to listen without any tease at all. Just tell us what the “trick” is and we can listen to the elaboration on the podcast.
    Jason Verge
    Replied over 1 year ago
    I must say that this is one thing I do on a semi-regular basis. Quite often I make a list in the evening of the next days priorities and also for the week. I am 100% more efficient when I work off the list and always seem to accomplish more than expected. Also apply the same concept to setting reachable longer term goals and then setting new ones. Hope it works just as well for everyone else.