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  • Need cash NOW? Refinance your investment property today
    Started December 14, 2018
    Pay off your high-interest hard money with a long term low interest loan! 5, 7 or 30 year terms. Interest only available. NO PERSONAL INCOME DOCUMENTATION REQUIRED!NO RESERVE RE... See more
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  • Hard money lender in Florida
    Started May 24, 2018
    There's many different factors that go into it as well as a variety of programs that are available so I would need a bit more information. It could be as low as 6.25%. It really... See more
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  • Hard money lender in Florida
    Started May 24, 2018
    Hi Michael, hard money refers to a  non-institutional loan usually funded by a private individual's personal money. These loans are normally short-term, quick closings, higher i... See more
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Len Miller

20 August 2019

I purchased a property at foreclosure and found myself in way over my head when the title company found that the foreclosure was not performed correctly and the title was not clean. I turned to A to Z for a hard money loan since i was unable to finance traditionally through a bank. The team at A to Z handled everything for me including correcting all issues with the deed. I have since refinanced with a bank and paid back the loan. Ron and his team at A to Z took a very bad situation and got it straightened out. I will use them again.