Hello all, Im just a regular guy who is curIous about lookIng into buying an Investment property ideally for rental or AirBnb use as an extra source of income. Would anyone know a good starting place so that I can make a more informed decision?

I currently lIve In El Paso, Texas. (Not the best AIRBNB seen) from what Ive heard. I guess I just reall need to know the basics. Ideal credit score, down payment, Income to property value ratio. etc. I know thIs may seem elementary however no one close to me has done anythIng lIke thIs and I wanna get my Info from a reputIble source vs scannIng through google lInks. I would lIke to be profItable and have lIttle rIsk.

Thanks 😊

Ps. Sorry about all of the (i) letters my phone is being weird.