Hi yall,

I am going to be renting out a spare bedroom in my new single family. It's located in Bridgewater MA about 1 mile from a college. I'm a young guy so I don't mind living with a college kid if that will get me the highest rent / ensure that I will get paid via their student loans & having a parent co-sign. I'm aware that MA is a very tenant friendly state and I'm curious if anyone who has tenants in MA has any paperwork that they recommend I use as far as rules, rental agreements, and conduct expectations of tenant (cleaning/noise/etc.)? Ideally I'd like this paperwork to help cover me in court should I ever end up in a situation where I am trying to evict a tenant or get some unpaid rent down the line. I know it's MA so I'll probably be the one taking the loss at the end of the day should things go south with a tenant but anything you folks with experience can recommend would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance,