Hello BiggerPockets Community!

I'm just getting started with real estate investing, and am looking to invest in single family homes in the mid-west. The BRRRR strategy looks promising, but I'm open to other approaches as well. I'm not committed to any particular market, as there seem to be decent opportunities in multiple markets and I anticipate diversifying across several markets over time anyway.

I will be investing from out of state and recognize the value of having a team of trusted experts who can help me meet my investing goals. From my research so far, it seems that a number of investors build their team one member at a time (e.g. find a real estate agent, then a contractor, then a property manager, etc.). However, I also see companies advertising a more "all-in-one solution", in which that single company provides all of the services and investor would need to take a distressed property into a fully-rehabbed, rented, professionally manged investment.

I'm wondering what experiences you have had with these all-in-one companies? What do you see as the pros and cons? I'm assuming the major pro is the convenience of just dealing with one entity, and the major con is the price of that convenience. Any other insights, wisdom, and suggestions you can share are much appreciated!

Thanks so much!