Real Estate Investors in Huntsville,AL

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Currently looking to start investing in Huntsville, AL. I do not have a lot of knowledge in the Huntsville market; hence, looking for a real estate agent with investing background.

Let me know if you find someone that is good.  I am looking as well!  Are you local in the market? 

Contact Christy Harris, she has helped me with ten transactions so far.  She is active here on biggerpockets.  She is an investor herself and knows her stuff.

I'll be able to help you too soon, headed to take the RE salesperson test in an hour.  I should be studying instead of reading biggerpocket!

Haha i feel you. John can i get your number? I would like to get in contact with you and Christy

@Christy Harris is a wonderful agent.  She helped us buy two investment properties in Huntsville.  She really goes above and beyond.  Also, if you need a lender I recommend Tyler Wilson at Prime Lending.  

@Elisa Prado I am an investor in the Huntsville area. I currently hold a few properties here and do AirBnB in the market as well. Let me know if there is anyway that I can help you. 

@John White and @Tim White , I have send you guys colleague requests. I am new in biggerpockets so I am not 100% sure how it works.


I have also tried to contact Christy but have got no luck yet. Feel free to shoot my a private message with your contact information anytime. Thanks

Hey Elisa, I got your colleague request.  I'll send you a PM tonight, my phone's flaking out so I'll have to use my computer.

Tim, I'd love to learn about what you've got going on with airBnB.  Are you having success in HSV,?  I'll send you a PM too, let get together!


I'm looking at the Huntsville Al market would like if I can reach out to you guys as well

John White,

Elisa Prado

Tim White

Christy Harris

@Elisa Prado @Rob Badhorn @Abdul McWhorter

I actively invest in Huntsville AL (Buy/Hold, Fix/Flip) and work with a lot of In & Out of State investors buying investment properties. 

Let me know if I can help you with anything from market/territory analysis to providing access to off market inventory. 


Hey guys,
I’m an out of state investor looking into the Huntsville market now. Do you all have any tips that you’ve learned in the last several months? Also, any areas of town that I should avoid crime wise? Trulia isn’t showing many areas with higher crime & that seems odd to me.

@AJ Cole

Whatsup man? Interested in any multi family properties that are available or close to coming on the market!

Yes please email me so I can send you the details.

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