Becoming a Real Estate Agent in Maryland - Online vs Classroom

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I am interested in becoming a real estate agent in the state of Maryland (Baltimore area). I am considering online and classroom options for the Principles and Practice of Real Estate course. Can you please share any good or bad experiences while taking the course (either online or classroom style)? Any recommendations and suggestions are appreciated.

Thank you all!

@Rayna Todorcheva

   I've taken an in class course in Florida and an Online course in California. I can tell you for those two states the information is fairly similar. It comes down to if you're self motivated enough to take online classes. If you don't know for sure that you'll be able to push yourself I'd just take the in class course. Good luck!

  - Mike

Hi Rayna,

I took the class at a local brokerage in Columbia, MD back in July. I think it really depends on your schedule and if you're motivated enough to take online classes, but I knew I had to take the in-person classes b/c of my current work schedule or I would have never gotten through it. I ended up taking two weeks of vacation in order to get it done in person and took my exam two days after finishing. It was worth it to me for the one on one and the availability for follow up sessions, if needed.  Feel free to send me a message if you would like details on the class, not sure if we're allowed to post details on the boards.

@Rayna Todorcheva personally I would suggest in person classes.  That way you can ask questions and learn from questions asked by others. It is also an opportunity to network. 

I took the the original class in person. I have done continuing education classes online. While online can be convenient, I prefer in person classes

@Rayna Todorcheva :

Hi Rayna-

I went back and forth on it myself, but in the end, selected the in-class option and it really proved to be the best option for my particular learning style.  (I definitely do better with hands-on, apply as I go)  The material itself can be a bit dry at times---(let's be honest)--so having the real-life examples given in class was so crucial to my success.

I also feel the accountability is key.  We may have the best of intentions, but life still happens, and it's so much easier to "put-off" and just delay when doing the online.  I made myself just do it all at once, including all the required testing,  so I could move on to bigger and better things.  I say all of this because I had many in my class that had taken the online first but needed to retake the course in class for better understanding.  I also had a handful that had taken in class but didn't pass the testing so they were back to get a better understanding before the re-test.

Bottom line---you know yourself best.  Some thrive with independent learning---that may be you!  Others need it to be right in front of them.  You know yourself best.   If you are just not able to make it to the classes, then that is definitely something to consider, but be honest about your ability to stick to a schedule if you do it on your own.  If you are able to make it to the classes, then I would always recommend going that route.  Most of my biggest takeaways were not from the material in the book, but rather the real-life discussions that took place from professionals already in the field, and the Q & A from students to those professionals. 

Good luck!

@Rayna Todorcheva Whichever setting helps you learn the best go for. I knew when I got my license I had to be out of the house so I went to class. For a lot of other people they liked the convenience of home. FYI - you only learn law and terminology in class. You don’t learn anything you’ll ever use in the real world. Get the license and then find a brokerage to help train you in SALES.