Questions about Selling Raw Land in Arizona

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I have land for sale across Arizona - Cochise County, Pinal County, Mohave County, possibly Pima County, but I have only been holding until this point. I am ready to sell some of these parcels and have started a website to give details.  I will sell them with seller financing if the terms are right. 

What I'd really like to know is if anyone has any tips for selling raw land? I really haven't sold at all until now. Has anyone had success showcasing land for sale - online or otherwise? What are some of the best ways to share information about land for sale without using a realtor? 

I am a broker... but selling land is a specialty that few brokers are really good at .. In the day and that day was 25 years ago I was very good at it.. As I grew up in a family that only invested in land and then resold it.

I would venture to guess you have bought the cheap stuff that is scattered all around the west.. Of course you may not have as well.. but if you did then. bid for assets is a place to start but they charge.. Other way to sell them is just craigslist ads in the bigger markets of the west coast and east coast.. the key to land sales if this is truly low value land out in the boonies is to offer little down and carry very long term contracts at low interest. Or very small cash prices.. there is a guy over on the market place selling Arizona land for 3k a parcel right now.