Good places to invest for passive income

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How do you find good places to invest for passive income i.e. retail, commercial, industrial, mixed use, multi family, etc. Or if it's the right deal an existing business with good ROI. I'll start by checking some of these links out. I'm only interested in the San Diego, South Orange and Riverside County area or possibly Palm Desert area.

Passive income has less to do with location and more to do with asset and terms. For example, you can buy a note on a property in Florida (or any other state) that performs and produces more stable and higher income than you may get on a rental property in any of the locations you pitched.

I agree. Buying a note is a great way to earn a double digit return without the headache of managing, repairing and vacancies for a rental. Also a great way to diversify your RE portfolio.

Properties in those areas you mention won't give you passive income, unless you buy them and then hit a wave of appreciation. Technically the equity you build with that appreciation would be passive. But for like immediate cash flow type of passive income, you won't get it in those areas.

Notes and all that work, but they aren't properties in the areas you mentioned, plus you lose out on a lot of passive income with notes that you would get with owning real property. If you are going to get a note on an out-of-state property, why not just buy an out-of-state property and get the same returns plus the over-so-passive tax benefits (cash in your pocket) and equity build?

Ali Boone, I can't for the life of me understand why you think San Diego, Orange and Riverside Counties are not good areas for generating passive income. 

I've been living in San Diego for the past 35 years and have done very well generating good ROI on the investments I'm currently holding. I'm just looking for other passive income opportunities i.e. NNN assets, etc.