Insurance for Staged Furniture & Art

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Hey BP,

I'm currently selling a rental property of mine in Los Angeles. The staging contract outlines that I (the seller) is 100% responsible for any loss or damage to the staged property at full retail price.

I called my insurance company and because the property was a rental property (and is now vacant), they have no options for coverage of the staging material. 

Does anyone have any experience getting insurance for staged furniture or suggestions about how to be protected in case of a loss?


Is the property now insured as a vacant house, or is it still insured as a rental ? if its still insured as a rental, you can say you rented a furnished place and you should be covered. 

It is insured as a rental. The problem is, I don't have purchase receipts for the contents in the home and everything is considered 'borrowed' instead of personal property. Borrowed property isn't covered under the agreement.

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Your not borrowing it, you are renting it. i assumed you are paying for the staging ? then you are paying for it, It is a tax write off for you. do you Borrow your car ? you make payments to it and its not completely yours until its paid off. One other thing you may want to consider, which is why i asked if it is insured as a rental or vacant building, you may want to check with your insurance co. and see if you are covered if something happens. not having the right policy may bite you in the A#!. if you do not have it as insured as vacant and something happens, they may deny your claim because you have it as tenant occupied, which may have prevented any damage that may have happened.