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  • Why so much emphasis on Cash on Cash return?
    Replied June 22, 2018
    IRR relies on assumptions of the future value of the money invested today. the market can be good and have a steady increase and you may use that increase in what you feel the i... See more
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  • Is this duplex in Scranton Pa too good to be true?
    Replied June 22, 2018
    Is this a student rental? that's probably the only way you can get that much rent. if it's not and you are getting that much, hold on to those tenants. Scranton has a few univer... See more
    Reply 10 replies
  • Flood Insurance / Elevation certificate
    Replied June 22, 2018
    As @Chris Masons pointed out, there is a secondary market for flood insurance, you do not have to get it from FEMA. you can also check FEMA online, there they have maps that you... See more
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Member Blog Property Management services and fees

Disclaimer: I did not write any of this, I found this information on a web site and they have given me permission to post it. I have no affiliation with them or use the company, i just thought it w...