Looking for first investment property - Atlanta area

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Hey Everyone,

I'm Atlanta based just venturing in to Real Estate investment and looking to purchase my first property.

I'm seeing a lot of inventory on auction.com, wondering if anyone has had any luck buying there, if there's anything I need to look out for and what's your experience been like.

If you have any recommendations on title experts please send over and I'm looking to connect with any local wholesalers and investors that may have something.

I'm currently looking for a single family or multi(2-4) in Cobb, Fulton and Dekalb County focused on Smyrna, Sandy Springs, Marietta, North Atlanta,  trying to stay close or within ITP but open to other areas close to Atlanta.

I appreciate your help!


Hi @Account Closed ! I'm assuming you're seeking cash flow, and not looking to flip. If so, what kind of return are you aiming for?

I work the areas you mentioned, as well as a few others. Generally, I'm interested in buy-and-hold deals that can offer at least a 10% Cash-on-Cash Return. I'm still able to find (or structure) deals like that with regularity.