Any investors in Bakersfield with great help

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How's it going everyone . I am a first time buyer wanting to ask a common question . I live out here in Bakersfield ca . And I'm really eager on finding an investor that might help me out with a great deal I'm not asking for a miracle here I'm just asking for great advice and hopefully a great bond with my future investor .

Are you looking for a mentor for investing advice?  Or are you looking for someone to fund a purchase for you?  The latter will be difficult if you have zero experience, but either way I suggest attending the local RE investor meetings that are put on every month.  There are plenty of investors from Bakersfield that attend the monthly meetings here in town.  Feel free to message me for more info on the meetings, local investors/lenders, etc.

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Hey @Max Gradowitz is the regular Rusty's Pizza meet up tonight? I haven't been able to make it to one yet 

I think it is tonight. But my schedule has not allowed me to make the last few meetings.  Connect with @Gene Hacker to confirm time and date and location.