Where is the best place to buy a probate lead list?

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I'm a licensed Contractor in Pittsburgh PA and co-owner of PGH Property Buyer? I'm curious to know where are you guys and gals are buying your leads? Are you scrubbing them yourself? Are you skip-tracing them yourself? Are you doing all the work or are you purchasing from a big box supplier? If so from where. And how much are you paying

I am currently testing a Google AdWords campaign on a newly seller generated website to get new leads. Once I have completed a few months, or so, I'll try to post some results. No need to skip trace any lead unless they have called you and giving you their information as to the specifics of the house.

This is the webpage I use to get my free probate lead list: https://adtech.dailyjournal.com/legalAds/

Unfortunately this page is accessible for certain counties in CA. I use this for San Francisco and Sacramento counties. 

Yes I'm skip tracing the decedents name through the MLS as well as scrubbing. The reason why I'm posting this is that there should be a legal database that's accessible in PA.

You can try this webpage: https://www.lexisnexis.com/en-us/home.page.

For me (and other investors) there's no need purchase leads from a lead buying service..