I currently invest in SFH, but interested in going down the path of syndicated commercial properties. I will probably start small (Maybe like 10 units?) at first. Few questions to people who have successfully scaled up to larger apartment complexes.

1. is it possible to perform BRRRR type of method for larger apartment complexes, or do you need a pretty significant amount of seasoning period for this?

2. How do you get a good estimate on ARV? With SFH you can find lots of comps but I assume with larger apartment complexes its harder to find comps?

3. Similarly for upfront rehab cost, how do you estimate it? Maybe for smaller ones like 10 units its easier to estimate since you can have a GC walkthrough each unit and give you an estimate, but as it gets larger that's not feasible?

4. Once you do buy the apartment complex, how do you perform the rehab? You obviously have tenants in there, so you have to do it piecemeal when they move out?

Thanks for your help in advance!