Investors are asking me (seller's agent) what repairs are needed?

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Hi All, 

Is it normal or appropriate for an investor to ask me, the seller's agent, what work needs to be done to a property and what the ARV would be? I'm happy to show them the property, discuss what improvements the sellers have made and age of any of the major components. Discussing the repairs and ARV is always something I've done as a buyer's agent if requested. Is this a new trend and expectation or are the buyers just trying to push some of the buyer agent research (or their own research) off on to the seller's agent? I'm only getting these requests via the marketing I'm doing on FB.

Hi @Sam Magina, 

I have had this happen as well. I don't blame the buyer's agent at all. I think people just get weird clients. I've had buyers call me regarding an obvious "investment property" that I had listed. It was an awkward situation where he had an agent but hadn't actually seen the house (the agent had done a preview of the house). He was super pushy and tried to get me to give him all sorts of info that I definitely don't want to be quoted on to someone that isn't my client. Basically the same stuff that you mentioned. (What will it rent for, what is it worth, what's the lowest offer I can submit, why is the floor slanted, what do I need to do to fix that, are you sure your client didn't mess it up, what rehab do I need to do, is the work done well or do I need to budget to redo it, how much will that cost, etc.)

Every question he asked me I just told him that it's really something he needs to discuss with his agent. I told him that she's the one that knows what he's looking for and can help him decide on an appropriate offer that would work for his needs. She's also the one that can help him get repair bids if they choose to do repairs. It was about 20 minutes of me telling him that's a question he needs to ask his agent and trying to get off the phone before he finally decided that I was unhelpful and he would just call his agent. 

I've also had messages from people wanting me to show them my listing because they "don't want to waste their agent's time." That was a hard pass. "I'm sorry but since you are already being represented by an agent you are going to need to coordinate showings through them."