Wholesale Contract Language - "Buyer pays all closing costs"

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I am looking to put my first wholesale property under contract and noticed some of the contracts in the BiggerPockets FilePlace have a clause that say "buyer pays all closing costs". Does this mean the end-buyer (the party to which I assign the contract) would be responsible for all closing costs, and that I would be relieved of paying them?


1. You are responsible for the terms and conditions of any contract you sign (don't take that lightly with regards to your legal commitment to the seller).

2. If/When you assign a contract (real estate or otherwise), you assign the contract (and all of its terms and conditions) to another party

Think of it as scratching out your name, and writing in the new party's name, on the contract. They are now responsible for the terms and conditions of the contract.

The language in the assignment of contract will dictate whether the original party (the assignor, who assigned the contract to another party) has any duty to perform if that other party (the assignee) does not.