Would you door knock on sellers properties for a deal ?

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Close friend of mine generated more than $500K in wholesale fees going door to door in one year.

Thinking of ways to increase the number of leads we generate every month (currently 40 from cold calling) we consider hiring a full time person to do that.

I have done it myself on a weekend when I was in Charlotte,NC and would do it full time, but I live in NY and invest there.

We know it’s a tough job and willing to pay very well. What’s your thought about that? How would you structure a pay? What type of person you think is a good fit?

I still don't think door knocking is safe right now and it's certainly not preferred by homeowners. I wouldn't even answer my door if someone knocked. What list or source would you be using to generate the door routes? That's more important and if the source is good, I would just send personal letters over the same thing everyone else is saying on their yellow postcards.