Is $4K Owner title insurance good for a 1.3M home?

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We're closing on a 1.3M home in Sevier County, TN and we got quoted $4K for Owner Title insurance in our closing costs. Does this sound like a good price? On our previous purchase, we paid much less, so $4K seems like a lot, but the previous one was also a much lower price home in a different state.

Tennessee Title Insurance Rate & Transfer Tax Calculator (

Tennessee Title Insurance Rate & Transfer Tax Calculator Tennessee State flagTitle Insurance Rates - Title insurance rates must be filed with the Tennessee Commissioner of Insurance. The home seller typically pays the owner's policy and the buyer customarily pays for the loan policy. Search and Examination Fees - in most counties there is a charge for title examination in addition to the title insurance premium. In a few counties, an all-inclusive rate that includes the title examination fee in the title insurance premium charge. If there is a separate fee for title examination, the seller customarily pays it. Deed Transfer Taxes and Documentary Stamps in Tennessee - The current deed transfer tax is $0.37 per every hundred dollars of consideration (sales price). The purchaser customarily pays the deed transfer tax. Mortgage Transfer Taxes - The mortgage tax is $.115 per one hundred dollars or fraction thereof of indebtedness. This Tennessee title insurance rate and transfer tax calculator will estimate the title insurance rates and transfer tax for one to four family, owner occupied residential units and condominiums.

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