Just did my first project with ArcBazar (Architect Bazar)  I provided some site plans a and a link to Pinterest to understand "kind of" what I was looking for.  

The project is for 2 fully developed commercial pads in Albany Oregon in the Opportunity Zone.  These both look over a park and have all the parking, utilities, and sidewalks in.  This space overlooks a big field in a park, has great walking paths, and is close to our major Freeway. (I5).

We are trying to provide a vision for the potential clients.. 

What I got was 12 substantial renderings (one with 55 slides/images)   Please check it out  NOTE there are 12 different COMPLETE submissions!  each with many different renderings!  


Here is the shared Pinterest Site.   https://pin.it/Hmm9oN1

I have a number of other projects that need a site plan (some pretty big).   I know this does not replace my Architect and design team BUT it does provide a huge variety and potential ideas to projects that would normally only get one rendering.