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I'm an 18-year-old living in Canada. I have no experience or any sort of knowledge about Real Estate. I have always wanted to learn about it. But, my current issue is that I don't know where to begin learning?

I would appreciate your help and assistance regarding this matter.

Well just reading this forum is a great start! Also take the podcasts and courses here. Start learning about houses, even take some of the free Home Depot classes, buy some of the How-To books, just immerse yourself in everything Real Estate. And be patient, it will take a while....

Welcome @Yousef Diab to this exciting and very profitable career.  I wish I had the foresight to start when I was 18.  First off, @Bruce Woodruff gave you great advice. Run with it. And check for a Real Estate Investing group in your area, or a REIA. If you find one, join it. If you can't afford it go as walk in and pay a small fee, maybe $15.00. The ones I go to start off with vendor showing off what they have and than there is a meeting with a speaker. Both the vendor booth and the speaker are great learning opportunity. And don't be shy. Tell everyone you talk to that you are a newbie and want to learn. Find mentor. Maybe work for them for free for a couple of months bird dogging (you'll learn about this in your readings) or making cold calls for them. They may even pay you a small fee when you find them a deal. Personally I would stay away from the big dollar guru courses. But that's your call. BPs offers so many learning opportunities for free at the very least start here.

Good luck and lt us know how you are doing.

@Yousef Diab  Wholesaling could be a great gateway for you to break into the industry. It's important for you to sit down and determine what your goals are. Do you want passive income? Quick cash? How much money do you have to invest? Where do you want to be in 1 year? 5? 10? how much income do you want by these dates? Passive cash flow? Doors? What kind of lifestyle do you want (working everyday or retire early)? These questions will guide you to the right sector of real estate. PM me if you have any questions about goal setting or finding the right real estate path.

If you decide you're interested in single family, I'd:

Listen to wholesaling inc podcast, watch brent daniels, Pace morby, and Max Maxwell (on youtube)

If you decide you're interested in multifamily:

Listen to Think Multifamily Podcast, Read "The Best Ever Syndication Book" By Joe Fairless, Whitney Sewell's "The Real Estate Syndication Show" Podcast

Welcome @Yousef Diab first thing would be find a mentor. And then look at youtube for more information about real estate. The 2 biggest coach that are hands in the business Ricky Carruth or Brandon Mulrenin. Look them up.  And Read books

@Yousef Diab , all the comments here are valuable.  Learn as much as you can and you'll gradually find out what is of most interest to you. 

Most helpful, IMO, is meeting people personally and just finding out what they are doing and why.  

Search for "real estate investing" podcasts to listen to, including Michael Blank (Apartment Building Investing with Michael Blank), Whitney Sewell (The Real Estate Syndication Show), Jake & Gino (The Jake & Gino Show), Dan Handford (Multifamily Investor Nation), Joe Fairless (Best Real Estate Investing Advice Ever).

Also, find books to read.  The Bigger Pockets Bookstore has some really good ones.  Beyond those, my recommendations include Rich Dad, Poor Dad (Kiyosaki);  Emerging Real Estate Markets (Lindahl); The Millionaire Real Estate Investor (Keller); Financial Freedom with Real Estate Investing (Blank); The Hands-Off Investor (Burke); ABCs of Buying Rental Property (McElroy); and The Perfect Investment (Moore).  There are tons more books on real estate investing, especially those which focus on areas which you may find are more interesting to you.

Good luck!