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Hello BP,

I'm looking to purchase my first multi-family property soon, and I just came a cross one that fits my mold. However, my problem is I need a lender! I spoke to a few people in so-cal in regards to purchasing a multi-family property with FHA or other conventional type loans with low down and they seem to give me mixed information. Some say its possible others say its not.

To give some perspective, I'm looking at a 4 unit in Fresno Ca. I have 5% down on the property. I have good credit, but looking to be a co-borrower for a sibling who will be living in the property, who has ok credit.

So I'm asking for a big favor, if you know a lender, someone who is well knowledgeable on the matter that could possibly help me obtain this property? and what I'm trying to do with my situation being out of town, is it possible? 




Hi Hugo,

I have a number of trusted lender contacts here in SoCal.  Feel free to PM me for their contact information.

I, too, am looking to invest in Fresno (my hometown).  Where is the quadplex you are looking to purchase?  


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@Hugo Camberos

If your sister is trying to buy a 4 unit property with you helping her as a non occupant co-borrower, 25% down will be required for an FHA loan. This is not a bank overlay or lender specific requirement - this is an FHA guideline.

You could help your sister as a non-occupant co-borrower on a single family residence and then it would only be 3.5% down, but not for multi-units (2-4 units).  If you were going to reside there with your sister in the 4 unit, then you would only need 3.5% down.

Hi Hugo, sometimes lenders are confusing. They will offer what ever product they have to sell, but not all lenders sell the same lending products. I can refer you to some local Fresno Lenders, and each one can educate you on their product. Please feel free to contact me with any questions.

best regards

Michelle Greene 

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