Tax Foreclosure - How do I buy it? Need creative finance ideas!

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Hey friends,

There is a county owned tax foreclosure that I was chasing for investment but have now decided it could be my dream home and property. I want it! A lot of my cash is tied up in a pending deal that I hope will sell soon.

With that said, who has creative ideas about how I can come up with cash and get it fast!? lol . I think I will need between $350K-400K to win the auction. YES, I have some of my own ideas, but I wanted to hear some of the smart folks in this forum.

  1. The auction will happen in about 6-7 days. Payment is due immediately after the auction.
  2. Unfortunately, I think I can only put my hands on about $100K max at the moment. Everything else is locked into other properties.
  3. I have a great job. My wife has a great job. We have great credit. Minimal debt.
  4. I have no living expenses with my employment situation.

Would love to hear about ways I could get my hands on the cash/lending to win this auction. Obviously, I will only bid if the deal can be closed at the right price.

Thanks in advance for your ideas!