Getting a FHA loan on an off market deal

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To this point in my real estate journey I’ve only bought properties on the MLS with an agent. My next step is to house hack through a FHA loan. With that being said can you get a FHA loan on an off market deal that you put under contract without an agent?

Yes, lenders dont care HOW to procure the property - agent or no agent - as long as the seller has clean and clear title and is the actual person who can convey that property. You can submit this to your FHA lender and they will do the due diligence.

Because you're not getting the assistance of an agent you will be responsible with some of that part and paperwork requests, you can mitigate that by having a clear and open communication line with your seller. Good luck!

@Matt Barber just to confirm what was mentioned above, a lender should not care how the property is acquired. It does not have to be listed to qualify for FHA nor do you have to use an agent. Plenty of FHA loans close without either of those items. Good luck!