Need a title company & real estate attorney

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Hi am in Tulsa, Ok and I need to get in contact with a title company as well as a real estate lawyer does anyone have anyone they can suggest.

David Dryer works with local investors. He's a real estate attorney and also owns a title company.

Dryer is a nice guy. I met him at a REIA meeting where he came and spoke. I looked into using his services but due to location, i picked an attorney that can handle real estate among other things that is across the street from me downtown. I have all title work i can done at tulsa abstract and title with Tonya Basurto. Wherever you go, this is an area that relationships come in handy. Issues around messed up HUD-1's, disagreements about earnest money etc....your track record with a company can go a long way in helping to resolve these matters and get service when needed.

Hi @Natassha Brown  

I have been using Apex Title for several years and they do a great job. Stina Bennett is the staff attorney there and has caught several title issues for us over the years.

@Chris Simmons, who is the attorney you use downtown?

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