R.E. Attorney ? Accountant? near Northern VA

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Hi all,

I am in the final stages of prep work for the structure of my business. I would like to know if anyone has any great recommendations for a R.E. Attorney, and Business Accountant (CPA, AICPA, EA) in the northern VA area??

Also I wanted to use a incorporating service 1. incorporating company 2. legal zoom to handle the structure of the entity. Any helpful suggestions ?

If you are planning on holding any property that may appreciate inside the entity DO NOT incorporate. Form an LLC if necessary. Google why not to hold property in a corp.

If you are not holding assets, an s-corp may be appropriate but less flexible than a LLC. You have to form a corp, then elect s-corp status.

Go to your state's secretary of state website where there will be info how to form the business entity yourself.  If you have the patience to figure it out, that may be your best bet.

CPA's can't form a legal entity for you, legally, but they can answer questions general business questions for you.  EA is an easy title to acquire.  I'd look for a CPA, although the AICPA credential is not necessarily an indication of a higher quality CPA.

Good Luck!

- Gregory Walter, CPA

  thank you !! Great information !! I will be seeking more guidance on this matter... Is there a preference  on which professional would provide the best guidance. I was also told to establish a corp and llc that is under the umbrella (stock) of the corp for holding properties. 

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