Landlord business meeting tax deduction?

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I'm a landlord of a few properties all in my name and I file taxes under my own SSN so no business entity. I'm interested in branching out to expand my relationships and get partners to take my REI to the next level. As such, I'm organizing several meetings at various restaurants as a meet up spot to go over specific topics. This is a legit meeting where I have an agenda and have other people (3-5) showing up to go over investment strategies/forming partnerships. This is in my city so no out of town travel.

Is this a legit use of the business expense 50% meals tax deduction?    Must I pay for everyone to get the deduction or do I still get it if I only pay for myself?   In my mind this is legit but want to see if others agree.  I guess I'm just not sure since I file taxes under my own SSN and because I'm not traveling.