CPA Recommendations for Buy and Hold Investors

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Hi All,

I've always done my own taxes but purchased my first two family this year and really want to make sure I'm getting all the benefits out of it as I can. I'm wondering if people have recommendations for a CPA who specializes in real estate investors as I plan to continue investing and hopefully make it my full time job/business and hope to be able to use the same person all along. I don't really need someone who is in my area however it would be preferable. I like having a team I can meet with, grab coffee with, play a round of golf etc.


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We are in Florida and would also like to find a CPA. We are looking to put together the right strategy from the very beginning. If anyone out there is an experienced real estate cpa or works with a cpa they would like to recommend I would appreciate it. 

You should speak with a CPA who specializes in real estate and works with other real estate investors. If you are comfortable with your CPA being remote, then you will likely have a larger selection of qualified CPAs.

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