Tenants lease is up no longer want them as tenant

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Hi all,

My tenants lease is up the 31st of May. I sent the letter asking if they were interested in another lease. 

They have responded yes. My problem keeping this person is, I have been sent Facebook post of her asking for contractors to do work. A video showing a broken fixture left on the foyer floor for the downstairs tenant to clean up. How do I go about letting her no we are no longer interested in keeping her?

Give them 30 day s notice or what ever time your state requires that you are not renewing the lease

I must be missing something. You want to get rid of a tenant that is fixing something they broke?

I understand it sounds like they are fixing up small stuff. But she has broke doors and other similar things.

I have a problem her not letting us know there is a problem and see if we want to be the one to fix it.

Since it is stated in their lease.

@Darla Goodband it sounds like you're not keeping an eye on the tenant. You should be inspecting the property at least once a year to ensure they're taking care of it and you want to keep them around. If able, I recommend inspecting 3-4 months after they move in and then 3-4 months prior to lease termination. If they aren't taking care of it, if they have a lot of lease violations, or if they are not timely with their payments then you should let them know you will not renew their lease. 

Until you have a signed lease, you are under no obligation to renew. Just tell them your plans have changed and you will not renew. Keep it short and professional.

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