PAR (Pennsylvania Association of Realtors) lease term. question

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Hi everyone,

My question is about single family residential rental leases specifically for PA. I noticed that the new PAR lease does not have a termination clause. With the lease as is (I realize I can add a termination clause but my question is about the lease as-is), can a landlord still terminate the lease with a 60 day notice?

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@Palak Shah

Take a look at the second page of the contract. There should be an area where they state the term of the lease and there should be section right after stating whether it automatically renews. Assuming it doesn't automatically renew, the lease terminates on the end date. 

I can't recall if the PAR Lease waives the notice to quit requirements. Take a look at it to see what it says.

Note that Pennsylvania does not have a 60 day notice to quit by default. It's either 10, 15, or 30 day.

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5A you need to put 30 or 60 days in and then that is the amount of notice you need to give after the initial term to terminate the lease (actually that notice can be given before the lease is up to end the lease on the lease end date.