Whats the trend for Bathroom Tiles (wall & floor)

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Remodeling a rental. Tore down the old bathroom. Are there some tiles and colors that are trending these days?

Also, does it make sense to have the same tile on floor as the ones in shower area?

Guarav, white subway tile is very popular and gives a clean look. Don’t forget the proper waterproof backing. I feel the 12by 12 tiles in a shower or bath wall are going out of style. I would not use the same tiles for the floor, as you want more of a non-slip floor tile. Just make sure the colors coordinate. 12 by 12 tiles are good for the floor.  CAULK. Is your friend after the tile is installed, around the areas where water can penetrate, such as the area between the tile and the shower base. We have had tiles fall off the wall in the bathroom in one of our rentals from lack of caulk and non-waterproof materials. 

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Agree that subway tiles for a shower surround are both currently on-trend, but also classic, so hard to miss with that. They're also wonderfully cheap. 

For floors, would do something heartier, easy to maintain and that matches overall color scheme. I know a lot of people who look at houses all day long (read: realtors, investor, etc.) are sick of the grey schemes, but for renters or new buyers, grey paint is still very attractive and fresh. So something like – grey walls, white trim, subway tile shower surround, charcoal/dark grey/slate-colored floor tile. 

Floor & Decor is one of our go-tos for wide tile selection at solid prices!

I've been using acrylic or fiberglass sheeting. I've even covered entire bathrooms in the stuff because it's inexpensive, easy to install, waterproof, and easy to clean.

Whatever you use, keep it clean and simple. As Theresa said, your tenants can add their own touches to personalize it.

try to imagine what is timeless.

Large format tile is the future. Don't go too beige or gray. White marble-looking porcelain would be good.

Bathrooms should have light colored floors and walls to make them seem airy. Dark colors make them look small and gloomy.

I wouldn’t go for the same tiles on the floor and the walls, It won’t look attractive I guess.

Also, I am not sure about what’s the trend but I have heard that Subway tiles are a thing right now, so you might wanna check some options in Subway Tiles before coming to a decision.

I got the Penny round mosaic tiles for my bathroom walls and I think they look equally or maybe more amazing.

1 suggestion though, don’t get any dark-colored tiles for your bathroom - light colors like white or beige, it will make your bathroom look bigger. You can go for a ceramic tile for the floor. There are a lot of sites that you can look up online to see the different varieties available for Bathroom tiles. This is another article that is good to read.

Originally posted by @Cassie Montalvo:

this was my last rental rehab. That wall tile was less than $1.00 per sq ft from Floor & Decor

That adds a nice upscale touch. 

Good job!

I go timeless B&W subway tiles. Cheap, and what people 'expect' in a 100 year old rowhouse. That "tin ceiling" is for the inevitable leaks from the bath in the unit above!