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Masashi Borges-Silva
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  • Manhattan, NY
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Real Estate Investor Networking in Washington Heights (09/25/22)

Masashi Borges-Silva
  • Investor
  • Manhattan, NY
Posted Sep 22 2022, 15:42

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  • 09/25/22 11:30AM - 01:30PM America/New_York
  • Northend Food Hall , 4300 Broadway New York, New York 10033
  • Free

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This is an event to network with people who are interested and/or doing real estate investing. In this event, you will be able to network with other real estate investors and learn about real estate investing and strategies.

The host is still a beginner in real estate investing but has been educating himself about financial freedom retire early (FIRE) in real estate investing.

The issue he faced was: How do I even start? Where is a good place to look? Where can I learn more about real estate investing? The host can point in some direction to start ( or books to read).

In the events, the following is expected:
-Playing games (Rich Dad Cashflow Board Game)
-Have an open mind to share and learn from each other

-Discussion points:
Long distance vs local investments,
Short-term rental (STR) vs long term rental (LTR),
how to reduce your w2 income tax using STR
Residential vs Commercial Property and how the praise is determined (properties sold neighborhood vs NOI (Net Operating Income)/Cap rate

Education x Action = Result

$5 is used to cover the cost of the board game.

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