How to become a residential property manager in Los Angeles?

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Hi BP,

I'm hoping for some advise from my Los Angeles investors and property managers. As I prepare my career in multifam investing, I have decided I want hands-on experience as an on-site residential property manager. Does anyone have advise or insight on how to obtain this type of position in the LA area?

I have experience in property management of Class A commercial/retail/residential buildings, but I was always off-site for the residential properties. Is it best to approach the property management companies or owners directly? Is certification necessary?

Is anyone currently working as an on-site property manager in Los Angeles/Santa Monica/Brentwood/Palisades/Venice/Marina del Rey/Malibu/etc?

Thank you all!

@Amy Wunderlich Hi Amy.  Depending on the owner of the apartment building and the number of units, they hire on-site residential manager with credentials or sometimes not.  We own several residential buildings with an on-site manager that has no credentials or certificates.  It is best to approach the owner (if you can get in touch) as finding a property management company will just be like getting employed.  Curious as to know what your off-site property management experience is.

Craigslist. @Amy Wunderlich that's how I became manager of a 47 unit building in WeHo. I did it for the same reasons, to get experience before I buy my own multifamily out of state. 

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