Jaxville Tax Deed Property pics

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Finally got the Deed to our property issued last week (auction was 6/13) so a few days ago I headed down to Jax to find out who was living/not living there, and got some pics-did miss one small room but that's because we took the discussion outside and did not capture it. (brace yourself for some, ha) https://www.dropbox.com/sh/dv3g8gsvtu7464b/AABMiedVM2Xg_9w7gyLwLrIua?dl=0  

Previous property owner was in an estate (the tenants parents died), the tenant is living there now and my realtor and I spoke with him and he's agreed to move out (cash for keys) in ~2 weeks- figured this was more optimal than having him potentially unruly, and starting an eviction process.  I'd like to hear thoughts and feedback of what you fine people think.  Edit: The AC/water heater do work, but most likely will need to be surfaced.  It's looking like our biggest expense will be the roof- there is some leakage above the kitchen cabinets.

As it stands it's a 3/1, 1500sqft, paid cash no finance, PP: $62.3k, no mortgage/lien attached.  Spoke with @Scott Hensley about it and he gave me some pointers as well so thank you Scott!;  It's my partner's and my first major deal, and it is out of state so don't tear me up too bad :-)


@Mark Fries the property on the map I’m looking at has the property at the very top  of Pine Forest and bordering South Riverside. Not familiar with Jacksonville as much as I don’t live there so apologies for any mis communication 

You’re right @Doug Phillips . “South Riverside” is the name of a subdivision near pine forest. Not to be confused with the area of town on the other side of the river called “Riverside.”

Congrats on the deal!

Holler if you need anything from a local...